Friday, 2 January 2015

Talking Transplants on Youtube.

Hi Guys!
Hope your all well?
Some of you may have seen on some of my social media a few days ago that I announced something pretty exciting for me!

2014 proved a great year for talking transplants,and it helped me achieve what I wanted Talking Transplants to do.
Raise Awareness for Organ Donation,Show what amazing things Organ Donation allows recipients to do and to support everyone within the transplant community whether they happen to be waiting for a transplant,thinking of becoming a donor,related to someone who is a donor,or know someone who has had a transplant.
I wanted my blog to reach out to people and help others.
And it has done just that.
This year I had the pleasure of attending a transition day at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham where I got to speak to young people about my experiences and speak about my blog.
In the past I have been asked why my blog is called 'Talking Transplants' when I discuss lots of other things,but that was the whole point.
Although my blog is focused on transplants I wanted to show recipients and donors that organ donation helps you lead a pretty 'normal' but amazing life,so I want to show all those 'normal' blog things,like reviews of bath bombs and make up because that's what I enjoy in my own personal life!
This month I am starting a Youtube channel to further reach out to people.
I feel that a Youtube channel would benefit 'Talking Transplants' to support what I already do here,by uploading vlogs and Q&A's I hope to be able to show people even more what organ donation can do!
Currently I have no videos uploaded but aim to have one done in the next few weeks,
but for the mean time feel to subscribe to the channel to be sure not to miss out on future content!
Just want to thank you all for the ongoing support and I hope you all enjoy Talking Transplants on Youtube :)
(You can subscribe HERE)

Here is my Channels Trailer..

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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