Tuesday, 24 March 2015

And THIS is why I blog

Hi Guys !
Hope your all well?

Many of us bloggers get asked what it is that makes us blog and I have several reasons myself but the main one being support for those affected by transplant and to inform those who are interested / want to know more about organ donation.

I have been using Talking Transplants to not only inform people of my story and what implications liver failure brought to my life but I also try and show people affected by transplant that life can return to some form of 'normality' and that a life post transplant isn't just about taking life long medication it is about taking that second chance of life and using it in the best way possible.

 Since starting my blog around 2 years ago now I have had the opportunity to get in touch with people who have been affected by transplant and swap stories, share advice and the opportunity to try and make a difference.
I really hope that I can Inspire / Help others and Support them through the whole situation, which I didn't have myself as such. I want to be able to pick people up when they feel down and I have always been this way!

But last week, I did the best thing I have ever done with the use of Talking Transplants.
A few weeks ago, My wedding story was shared once again on the NHS Organ Donation Campaign page and as it always does it lead to a few messages falling into my inbox. As I replied back to them one stood out,it was from a girl called Robyn and she explained her Mom was waiting for a transplant and she had a few questions.

From then on Me & Robyn would message each other every few days and I would ask how things were going and then answer any questions they had. I then found out that she wrote a blog following her journey - a great perspective from a transplant patients family  ( You can read her blog here ).

After I read a few posts I realised her mom wrote a blog too from her perspective as a patient waiting for transplant (  you can read it here). I instantly felt attached to this family and knew I wanted to help them the best I could by sharing my experiences.

Some time passed and Pinny got her call - but sadly it failed and she went on to have a second transplant.

I was in touch with her daughter throughout all of this,and just wanted to give her and her family a big hug as they must have been so scared. After having a chat we decided since I was in clinic last week that we would meet up if her mom was feeling up to it.

So fast forwarding to Thursday (rewinding now really..) I finished up at clinic and made my way up to the restaurant where I met Robyn and her cousin. After a good chat we made our way down to intensive care where I had the pleasure of meeting Robyn's sister and the Lovely Pinny - She Looked BRILLIANT!

There she was sat out in her chair and I had a pretty quick flashback of being sat in that chair myself feeling scared of what the future held for me considering what my journey had already consisted of.
After we had a long chat about a range of different things and I had answered some questions before Pinny started to feel a tad tired so we decided to leave so she could have a well deserved rest - I know just how draining it is sitting out in that chair!

Once we returned to the restaurant Pinny's sister had arrived so we had a chat and I told them some bits and bobs i felt would help them once Pinny was discharged as sometimes there are things doctors forget to tell you - like the fact being told your being discharged should only be taken seriously when you have left the hospital, something a lot of long term patients will be more than aware off!

After we said our Good Byes to this brave and incredibly lovely family I had to hold in the tears.
Going back to ICU made it all so real to me what I have been through myself which I often forget.
Visiting Pinny and her family made me so happy,it reminded me that my blog IS making a difference and  helping those in need of the support.

Overall I just want to say thank you to Robyn for getting in touch in the first place and allowing me to be there during your mom and your families transplant journey. You have allowed me to see what I want to achieve in the future - To continue supporting transplant patients and there families.

I am planning on seeing Pinny in a few weeks and can't wait to see how well she is doing.

This has just shown me as always how amazing organ donation is,
Thank You to my Amazing Donors & to all the donors who have saved these brave people I continue to meet - Our donors will forever continue to be our heroes.

Hug your Loved Ones & Remind them just how much you love them.

Stay Safe & Speak Soon


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  2. I will eventually get my comment right...sorry for the 2 deleted ones! It means so much to us that were mentioned in one of your blogs :) your story certainly helped and inspired my family. My sister Leah is also writing a blog. Her blog shows all of her thoughts and feelings of the transplant process and shows how it has effected Leah slightly differently than myself as she is much more of a positive thinker... https://leahhlouu.wordpress.com/ xx