Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Monthly Round Up | FEBRUARY

Hey Guys !
Hope your all well ?
Another Month has flown by so here I am about to tell you all about my February.
I hope you all had a great month, here is what I got up to.
Told my anxiety where to go...
This month has been an amazing month for me and dealing with my anxiety.
I have been to a bloggers event, had a few other days full of meeting people due to my blog and not one anxiety attack has come.
This month has been a pretty hectic one and then we found out Gareth will be going a way for a few months at some point with work so usually this would be a huge trigger, but using breathing techniques, every time I have got through it with no problem at all!
I have been so proud of myself and it's allowing me to do so much more - Wahoo.
I have been using a few apps that I think may have helped so will do a blog post telling you all about those soon. Just shows sometimes you just have to push past that anxious feeling and it gets easier each time then.
Got our new puppies.
The big thing this month was when we got our new little puppies - Squidge & Smudge.
They are brothers and are cocker spaniels, they are beautiful little boys, cheeky though of course!
They are getting there last injections at the end of the month and am so excited to get them out walking with us - more than anything to drain some of there surplus energy bless them.
As you can imagine I currently have a iPhone full of puppy photos so be sure to follow them over on instagram - yes they have so many pictures they have an instagram (@squidge_smudge)
Getting my bake on!
I have always loved to cook since I left home, and always share recipes here on my blog (lots more on the way!) but I have never really taken to baking - until this month.
What put me off baking is you have to be so accurate where as with cooking you can pretty much change up a recipe and its fine, but with baking it needs to be a bit more structured but I have been making cookies and brownies nearly every weekend this month - so I am pretty sure my waistline dislikes me. I have been sending them into work with Gareth though and he has said they were a win at work, so with my new found love for baking I think the lads he works with will be happy enough to keep receiving cookies on their tea breaks !
This month has been a very exciting yet normal month for me,
A lot has changed, A lot has stayed the same.
That's life really isn't it, just because people seem to be doing super exciting things around you it doesn't mean your personal life is any less interesting :)
Stay Safe & Speak Soon
x o x o

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  1. Kate it's so good to hear that you've had a good month :) it's fab that you told anxiety where to go💁! And your dogs look really cute! I hope to see more baking recipes soon, I love that idea :) xxx