Saturday, 28 March 2015

Liver Catchup | March 2015

Hey Guys !
Hope your all well?
In my last post I was chatting about how I met Pinny in ICU last week but before that I had Liver Clinic to check on my liver and see how my change in medication is going.
Last time I was in clinic  one of my anti-rejection medications was stopped since they thought it wasn't really working anymore so that was the end to me taking Sirilimous.
As I explained in my last liver clinic catch up post dependant on my last lots of bloods they would stop another drug I am on and put another in its place.
So I was very happy to find out I could start the new medication to see how I got on with it.
The best part of all of this is that they will hopefully get my liver numbers into a normal range for the first time ever - and in the long term it would mean me and Gareth can think about trying for children which a few months ago most defiantly wasn't a choice.
We won't know until next month whether the tablets are having the desired effect but I am already feeling more alert and even my eyes are a lot brighter so I am really hoping the blood results back up how I am feeling.
I have been taken completely off mychophenolate to be put on azathioprine so I am really hoping to have positive blood results next month - it would be the ideal situation for everyone really.
I usually have a bang of nervousness for next clinic as you never really get used to waiting for those results to get back but for once I'm feeling a lot more positive about these results, it would be amazing if these tablets do the trick...
But if they don't ?
Well I'm not too sure but what I do know is both Me & Gareth will be gutted.
So here's to positive thinking and these tablets changing things for good for me!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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