Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Easter'esque Lush Haul

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Today I thought I would share a lush haul with you all since they have some adorable things in store at the moment.
 When Easter comes around lush bring out the sweetest things,
all of which I end up falling in love with since I'm a big kid at heart.
I popped into LUSH Luton last weekend and the store was super busy and full of people getting last minute mothers day presents, but since I already had that sorted I was more than happy to go around the store smelling all of the brightly coloured Easter treats while catching up with my favourite lush team.
First I want to share my new favourite which was part of the mothers day range, so if  you want to try it out I'd get it ASAP .
As the name suggests this bubble bar has a gorgeous violet scent, it starts of as a Parma violet sweet scent but then turns into a true floral smell.
I used this in a bath cocktail with the hoppity poppity bath bomb, and it was so relaxing.
I have a new favourite, why do I always love limited edition stuff!

How sweet is this bubbly bunch of carrots?
This trio of carrots creates a bath full of citrusy bubbles - one carrot can get you about three baths so for £5.95 that's great value too.
I think this is a great one for the kids (big and little kids alike mind you..)
I do kind of wish this had a stronger scent to it, so much so I think I will be picking up the matching soap next time I'm in store.

I am so glad they brought this back this year because this is possibly one of the best smelling products they have brought out - toffee and caramel scented !
This little golden egg is one of my favourites, what's not to love about an Easter egg covered in gold glitter, packed with moisturising butters and oils.
This is the perfect product when you want a real pamper (also heads up if you want a really amazing bath, chuck in a honey bee bath bomb to fill your bathroom with a heavenly toffee caramel scent)
Honey Bee is part of lush's permanent range but it compliments a lot of the Easter products.
A lot of the ingredients in this bath bomb are super soothing and softening which makes this sweet bath bomb perfect for this time of year when your skin needs some TLC.
I love to use this when I need a bit of a pick me up as this is very refreshing with the use of orange oil. For very dry skin, add this into your bath with golden egg and use honey I washed the kids soap and I promise you will feel super pampered.

How sweet is this little bunny?
The lavender in this bath bomb makes it very soothing and relaxing but the popping candy and lime oil make it uplifting - making this one great for little ones, its similar to ikkle baby bot, yet it shares the same scent as ultraviolet bubble bar.
At £2.50 this is great as a pocket money friendly Easter treat.

This soap looks so heavenly with it's multi-coloured chunks and iridescent glitter. 
It is full of neroli, rose & mandarin oils so is defiantly a soap which has up lifting properties in mind.
It is very softening and it is a fab soap but the scent just isn't as strong as I'd like it too be.
This may be perfect for those of you who aren't into some of the strong scented products lush have.
Don't get me wrong though I do love how sparkly this is!

Another permanent product lush has to offer which reminds me of toffee apples or sherbet!
Again this goes so well with a lot of Easter products.
This is a fun one for adults and children as it swirls out like a Catherine wheel shooting out blue colours and popping candy - definition of bath time fun!

This shower jelly has a super rich caramel scent something I wasn't expecting considering it has pineapple juice in it.
That aside this makes your skin super silky so all that together gives you a super pampering product.
It smells so luxurious, and with the addition of glitter you just have to love it!
As you all may have already gathered I am a bath person but this stuff gives a shower a bit more jazz so I actually find myself wanting showers instead now.
What are your favourites from lush?
Is there anything you want to try from the Easter range?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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