Friday, 20 March 2015

Saturday Walk With Friends

Hi Guys!
Hope your all well?
A few weekends ago two of our best friends and their little boys came to visit us in our new home, and we all went out walking and played with kites and the puppies !
After speaking to people in the local area we found a huge hill that overlooks the local area where the boys could fly their kite and where Gareth and my friends husband could ride on a long board - who said little boys grow up eh' ?

Once we actually got there we soon realised it probably wasn't the best place to fly the kite since there were some huge drops around not ideal for little ones, so in the end we just walked on the little trail they had while taking photos of the views as they were stunning.
We were lucky enough to be out on the warmest and sunniest weekend we have seen in months, so all the animals were out and about in the fields and the cows were having a leisurely sunbathe lay right across the path which the boys found pretty funny ! 

 After a lengthy walk we realised we had originally gone to the wrong place - oops.
At this point instead of walking even further we decided to just walk back to the car and fly the kite on the huge field at the base we live at, after we had fussed the horse we saw on the way of course !

We had an amazing day and I have really missed going out walking while we wait for the puppies to have their last injections done.
Where are your favourite places to go walking ?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon
x o x o

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