Wednesday, 22 April 2015

2 months with Squidge | PUPPY UPDATE

 Hey Guys!
        Hope your all well ?
Yesterday I uploaded Smudge's 2 month update,
so here is my pup Squidge's update.

Out of the two Squidge has defiantly changed the most I'd say.
When we first got him he was very timid but as time has gone on he has gained a lot more confidence and independence - and is proofing to be just as cheeky as his brother.
When off the lead and around other dogs he has so far proven to be the more ballsy out of the pair,
so much so that moments after I had taken the above photos two huge newfoundland's came bounding in the water after them, and instead of being scared like smudge he ran after them - I don't think he quite gets that he is just a puppy!
Whereas Smudge is pretty good at recall, Squidge can sometimes take that bit longer to call back.
I'm sure like all things this will get better as he gets older, but his love for children and other dogs can sometimes prove a challenge when out on the field!
Once inside the house though he turns into a completely different dog!
He is no longer as playful and becomes my sleepy napping side kick - the picture above was a weekend nap (for us both...)
He still enjoys playing don't get me wrong, but it's very much on his terms.
I can't wait to see how they continue to change the older they get after all they are only 4 months old at the minute!
I will update you all again in another 2 months, but don't fret I am sure they will still be making an appearance here on talking transplants.
But if you want new daily update aka cute puppy snaps you can follow there instagram which is squidge_smudge
Do you have any pets?
I'd love to hear below!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon
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