Thursday, 9 April 2015

Easter Weekend.

Hey Guys !
I hope your all well?
This weekend was great, I mean what is better then a weekend full of sunshine, great food, eating lots of chocolate and playing with cute puppies?
Thanks to the sunshine me and hubby managed to go out most days and enjoy the bank holiday weekend which as a blogger always leads to plenty of photos been taken!
We started our weekend at Cotswold Country Park & Beach on a gloomy Easter Sunday.
Since the puppies have had there last lot of injections we were eager to get them out and about this weekend so it made sense to take them somewhere to have a swim!

Two Cocker Spaniel puppies, mud and a lake makes the equation of a bath!
In this household nothing ever goes smoothly so I ended up getting soaked in the process, but was all worth it in the end when we had two fluffy pups :)

  Once the pups FINALLY fell asleep I decided it was time to have some compulsory Easter chocolate while watching Hop - yum!
I did end up watching the rest of hop in the bath.
I had a very Easter themed bath using LUSH Golden Egg, Fizzbanger and Pot O Gold to create this gorgeous toffee scented bath (Some LUSH stores may still have these limited edition products in stock)
And what a better way to finish a Easter Sunday then to finish with a yummy lamb roast - don't forget loads of mint sauce too!
When I woke up Monday morning I was very happy to see the sun was really shining, so instantly knew we had to get out again (blog photos were calling!)
We decided to visit Birdland Park and Gardens here in the Cotswold's.

We found this penguin on the left hilarious, he was such a poser!
The rest of them seemed very content with basking in the sun before they got fed - at which point we decided to have a look around the rest of the park as it got way to busy.
Which included five minute's of me following a duck..
As you do..

How sweet are these little easter chicks?

We fall in love with flamingos at Birdland ,
We were also very jealous of whoever's back garden happened to be where the flamingos were placed.
I can imagine its rather perfect sat having afternoon tea overlooking a pretty stream home to flamingos!

Once we had finished up at Birdland we were pretty hungry so decided to take a little walk into the little village of Bourton on the water since some people had recommended it to us.
We defiantly weren't disappointed!

What beats sitting eating chips while filming on a river bank really?
(I was pretty jealous of all the kids paddling in the water though I have to say!)

 After around an hour we reluctantly decided to leave the picturesque village and go and see the puppies.. Although I did ask Gareth if we could make a quick de tour via a field that was full of little lambs - it was Easter after all!


Well that was my Easter weekend - minus a LUSH trip I am saving for a future post..
I'd love to hear what you got up to this Easter Weekend?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon
x o x o

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