Tuesday, 21 April 2015

2 Months With Smudge | PUPPY UPDATE

Hi Guys!
Hope your all okay?
The 14th of this month marked 2 months since we picked up Squidge & Smudge so I figured why not post an update aka a reason to post loads of cute photos of puppy's !
In this post, I will be chatting about Smudge, and tomorrow Squidge.

They have both grown into right characters already, so god help us the older they get!
Since we picked them up and I wrote the post introducing them here they have already changed a lot really quickly.
Smudge is still a little rascal - and don't think he will ever change!
That said though out of the two he is defiantly the cuddler - especially paired with puppy dog eyes when he has eaten another pair of my knickers and Gareth's socks... yep you read that right !
 The other thing that hasn't changed about him is the fact he is his brothers shadow.
Whatever Squidge is doing you can guarantee Smudge is right behind him!
I have to admit I think this is pretty sweet, although that said it can be pretty difficult to deal with two pups of the lead, especially when Squidge runs off!

That said though he is slowly becoming a lot more independent,
as we found this weekend when he decided to make a dash for it when of the lead - something caught that spaniel nose of his!



Even though he loves following his brother around he is still a tad unsure of other dogs if they get a little bit too much in his face or if Squidge isn't close by.
We are hoping this will change the more socialisation he gets with other dogs.
So far he is proving to be a great little dog!
He is doing really well at recall and is generally well behaved - but can't expect them to angels at 4 months old.
Tomorrow I will be uploading a post about my puppy Squidge,
I hope you enjoyed this little update!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon
x o x o

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