Monday, 27 April 2015

Toning up at home | PROGRESS

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Today I figured I would share the routines and what I have been doing this month to try and tone up since quite a few people were interested in my progress (thanks guys!)
The photo above was taken on the first day of me starting to workout - funnily enough on snapchat it had the caption "1 work out done.. Where are my abs?" ha!
I think we are society of impatient people generally we want to see results quickly so YouTube and the Internet is full to the brim with quick high intensity work outs to help you achieve your fitness goals quickly
Tummy Area / Abs.

My tummy was one of the main areas I wanted to try and tone up, so a lot of the workouts I have been using are focused on abs.
That said I really did not imagine that in a month I could have such visible results - especially if I am honest I have missed a few weekends and days here and there and I haven't changed my diet at all, the only difference there is I have been trying to drink more.
The first video I have found gives really good results is this Ab Workout from XHIT over on YouTube.
The exercises in this workout mean that not only are you getting an ab workout you are also working your bottom half of the body too - your legs really feel it during this workout.
If you are looking for a less focused routine and want something to work more then one area, this one will be great for you !
For something that really works your core?
Then this Bye Bye muffin top routine also by XHIT on YouTube is awesome!
You do still get some workout on your legs but this really works your stomach,and the more you tighten those tummy muscles the better the results (I found a week of just pushing that little bit more really made the difference)
Both workouts are less then twenty minute's long so great for those of you short on time, or like myself if you don't have the stamina for hour long workouts.
Doesn't mean you have to loose out any results as these are high intensity in a short amount of time - winner if you ask me.
Bum & Legs

 Overall I have pretty strong legs as in they have some power behind them BUT they need serious toning / definition.
Now I am on steroids because of my transplants, and after so many years of having them they have had a real effect on my bones and in particular my knees which made me worry about squats.
As everyone says squats are the best think for getting definition to your legs and bum.
Long story short, I slowly introduced squats into my routine and now I can do them with a lot more ease, granted not with as much depth as the woman on the workout but at least I can do it now ha!
This 'Booty' workout by XHIT honestly is the reason I have seen a difference in my lower body.
I generally do this every time I workout and it really is great.
This is great if you don't enjoy squats as it uses lots of other equally great moves - with a few squats in between!
Highly Recommend this one.
If you DO enjoy squats then this is a insanely beneficial workout.
100 Reps.10 Variations of Squat in.. 8 minutes!
This workout does burn - but in turn gives great results.
I would love to hear about what work outs you use to tone up?
I have really surprised myself with how much I am enjoying working out, I think its true that when you see results it motivates you to do more.
Just remember though ladies,
workout for YOU and nobody else - YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL
Stay Safe & Speak Soon
x o x o

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