Sunday, 26 April 2015

9 Month Marriage Update

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
I am always shocked at just how quick time flies recently, and when I realised I have been married for 9 months on the 19th of this month I was even more shocked the usual.
It still feels like just yesterday we got married - yet it is quickly approaching towards a year, insane!
Since my 6 month update not all too much has changed in regards to the relationship really.
Like I did say in that post though we have been settling into a new base and we really have fallen in love with it - the area, the people everything about Fairford is great (so far at least..)

The biggest change since last time is that we have discovered Gareth has a deployment coming up, so we have just been arranging plans for once he is away since we have no family too close.
Knowing he will be going away for quite a while (as I'm sure you understand I won't be sharing any kind of information that is too personal for obvious reasons..) we have just been trying to spend as much time as possible together, and getting up to a lot of searching for cool places to visit here in the Cotswold's.

I am quite obviously going to miss him so much while he is gone,
but I am just going to try and keep myself distracted and busy while he is deployed in the hope time will pass quicker!
In terms of being used to being a Mrs now?
I have defiantly got used to seeing Mrs Jakes now and not Miss Trevener.
That said though some places haven't changed my title over to Mrs yet and it always makes Gareth laugh as it annoys me - after all I am married so I think I deserve that Mrs title ha.

Next month I may do a Marriage Q&A if that is something you guys would like to see over on my Youtube?
I honestly can't believe how fast time seems to be flying by.
You can read my other Marriage Updates Here - 1 Week & 6 Months
Stay Safe & Speak Soon
x o x o

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