Tuesday, 19 March 2013

50 Random Facts About Me!

Hey Guy's!
So I figured recently I've been uploading a lot of beauty style blog posts - which isn't the main topic of my blog really,sooo I decided to do a random '50 Facts About Me' so you guy's know a little bit more about me!

1. I Love Cats.. miaow.

2. Clowns - Petrify me..Eeek!

3. I have a obsession with Disney..

4. My Favorite colors are red and yellow

5. Peas,I HATE THEM!

6. Lipstick and Nail Varnish take over my make up drawer.

7. I have dyed my hair over 20 times..Different Colors..

8. I want a pet hedgehog..N'yawwh.

9. Pink Lemonade Lucozade is my fave drink.

10. Nutella is sooo yummy!

11.White roses are my favorite flowers.

12. I've met the Queen.

13. I played the drums for 4 years.

14. The ukulele is my favorite instrument.

15.I've owned 13 pets since I was about 5.

16. I loveee pasta!

17. My staple make up item is red lipstick.

18. I used to work at a nursery,and studied fashion.

19. I want to work in a bridal shop - my dream job.

20. Ironically I used to have a phobia of taking tablets - now I have no choice haha.

21. I get over excited about things.

22.I call my transplant scar my shark bite.

23.And I call my transplant organ livvy.. previous being oliver & olivia.. strange maybe?..

24.I really want to swim with sharks.

25. My first celebrity crush was Matt Willis from Busted haha.

26. I can't stand realllly hot weather,but love holidays!

27. I swear I was born in the wrong era..I belong in the 40's!

28. My dream career when I was younger was to be a Vet.

29. I'm mega clumsy..Oops.

30. I fan girl massively over One Direction & Loveable Rogues.

31. I hate my name! 

32. I'm not crazy about starbucks - costa all the way.

33. I've had my belly button pierced 3 times..

34. I have a weird dislike of..ears.. Yes strange I know.

35.I love France and have travelled all over the country.

36.My Girl crushes are Megan Fox & Frankie Sandford.

37.When I'm older I'd love to live in Greece.

38. I want to go on safari.

39.I want to see the northern lights.

40. When I was younger I had a huge interest in world war two for some reason.

41.So much so I actually applied to go on a CBBC programme when I was 10 to go on a WW2 inspired experience.

42. I admit to dancing around my room with my headphones in and a hairbrush..yup..

43. I want to learn to Belly Dance well!

44.I always have a plan to start the gym - never lasts!

45. My Best memory with my friends is one night in Birmingham with my friends Sarah and Lauren - was unreal.<3

46. I love to sing - and was my passion for about 3 years,when I used to record and song write..

47. I love skater skirts.

48. I can not wear heels for anything!

49. I dislike frogs - they scare me.

50.I am a tad crazy.. BOO.

So there you go guy's,50 random fact's that I hope will let you get to know me a tad better,so why not comment below one of your random facts?

Stay Safe & See You Soon !

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