Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hello Blogger..

Hey Guys!

I've finally made the move over from Tumblr to good old Blogger. Those of your have read my blog before will obviously no I have a tumblr account (talkingtransplants) which I used to blog on but I figured it was time I got myself on a 'proper' blogging site..

Keeping it short and sweet for those of you who may not of read any of my blog posts before. Im a 20 year old,Liver transplant recipient - three liver transplants in less than two years. I know that seems a bit crazy so if you want to know more hit up trusty google with Kate Trevener and it will save me boring you..
Saying that if there's anything you guys want to know just comment below or check me out on my social networking sites (I'll link those at the end of this post)

So yeah thats my first blog up on Blogger and hopefully many more to come so on that note,
Stay Safe & Speak soon

P.s My Social Networking Stuff.. Just click on the links !

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