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Olly Murs - LG Arena BIrmingham.

Hey Guy's,
Hope your all well!
Well, this week has been rather exciting as last night I went to see Olly Murs live - with loveable rogues as support! Those of you who know me well will know I absolutely adore Loveable Rogues and have done since good old BGT so when I found out they were the support act a massive amount of fan girling went on! Especially since last week.. They followed me on twitter.. Yes, that amazed me..

So Olly Murs? I've always wanted to see this cheeky chap live and actually had tickets to go see him last year with my cousin Frankie but sadly when he came to Birmingham I was recovering in hospital after my third liver transplant so didn't get to go.. I was gutted but realized there was nothing that could've been done about it,then I received this cheeky little autograph and I was determined to see him on his next tour..


So my Auntie kindly got tickets again for me and my cousin this year!

As you can imagine I've been so excited to see him this year,and finding out Loveable Rogues were one of his support acts just topped it off - felt like christmas all over again!
So skipping several months ahead of all my excitement and acting like a teenager all over again,yesterday eventually came and that was it.. I think I literally reverted back to being 13 Years old again!

My Aunt had brought us tickets that came with event passes which meant we got to eat in one of the restaurant's at the LG Arena. This was rather funny as when we were walking down to it there was a huge queue of people waiting to get into the main arena,but thanks to the trusty passes,we could skip it! 
The looks we were getting from people was just hilarious,one of those "pft who do they think they are?" faces..

So we sat down to eat (the food was well yummy!) and chatted about random things,one of them being those normal "Oh my gosh imagine if they look at us??" kind of conversations..
Yes,before you ask I'm 20 years old but I'm a big kid and I don't really care haha.

After we'd stuffed ourselves with cheesecake we decided to go and check the merchandise stand out..
Now bearing in mind we had gone to see Olly Murs preform you'd presume I'd come away sporting a t-shirt with the cheeky essex chap's face on right?
I came away with this..

Yes,I came away with Loveable Rogues Merchandise.
But not only did I come away with a LR T-Shirt,it was a size XL! There was literally no other sizes left,I was so gutted that I just got the XL anyway.
Your crazy I hear you all saying ? Just a tad,but the joys of being a fashion student in the past means I know exactly how to make a belt work in my advantage,and I don't think it looked too bad.
Well that's what I thought,but all the other Olly Mur's fans did not appreciate my dedication to Loveable Rogues I Don't think..

So after a few quick pictures we ran off to go and find our seats.
Skipping past all the excitement the show started and was opened by a girl called Tich (@Iamtich) and her vocals were just amazing! She sang two of her own original songs and a cover of Taylor Swift's "I knew you were trouble" and I was seriously blown away!
I can see her going down a Jessie J type performer in future - go check her out!

Then,the time I'd been waiting for.
Loveable Rogues came on stage.
I did exactly what I thought I would do and stood still for a good two minutes just amazed by their performance haha!
Then of course once I'd stopped being a wolly I was dancing and singing away,but devastated to turn round to every one sitting down - which just wound me up!
They were looking at me like some deranged mad woman..

This is when I was gutted I couldn't take my Nikon camera as I would have been able to get some amazing pictures,but using a iPhone sucked! Especially since I was totally trying to zoom in when Sonny was smiling.. Ah Beautiful! ha ha.

This picture below was a picture that Loveable Rogues posted after they played,how amazing does it look?
The funny part it is I can see exactly where me and frankie were sat because we were the only two lights for rows and rows..

(Before I carry on i have got video footage which is in a Vlog on my YouTube channel which I will put at the end of this blog..)

Once Loveable Rogues had gone off stage it meant only one thing.. three cheeky essex lads had just walked of stage BUT the most cheekiest chap ever was then due on stage.
At this point my cousin was about to combust with excitement I think! Was so sweet and amusing since I'd been doing the same think half an hour before for LR ha ha.

Olly came on stage and I'd like to say I stayed calm and collective and just let my 12 year old cousin go crazy...But.. That would be a lie. I Screamed so loud I almost scared myself let alone the poor young lad who was sat to me and had the look of pure hate on his face..Oops!

Mr Murs went on to preform like the real showman that he is,and had the crowd laughing,cheering and even at some points close to tears with two very emotional performances.

and then.. my phone died! Grr.
So I couldn't get any more photo's but I had got lots of video clips which I was happy about.

During the whole night you could just feel the atmosphere it was seriously amazing! One of the best gig's I've been too defiantly. It was also nice to see such a mix of people there,when I say that it's because literally there was a mixtures of lads and girls,younger kids and then grand parents! Just show's how Olly appeals to almost everyone really.

I genuinely was gutted when the night was over,but even then there was a still a buzz around the whole arena and was sweet listening to everyone chatting away about how much they enjoyed there night.

So seriously,if you guy's ever get a chance to go and watch Olly live  - take it! You won't be disappointed !

I Did a Vlog about the evening on my YouTube Channel,here's a link to the video :
So go check it out for footage from the night!

While your there if you have a YouTube account please subscribe,like and comment.
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Well I'm off to catch some shut eye for my Clinic Check Up tomorrow at the hospital.

So stay safe & I'll see you all soon!

Kate xoxo

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