Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Country Walk in Coleshill.

Hey Guys,
Hope your all well!
So this week I went and stayed with my dad for a night as he went to Scotland last week so was time for a catch up.
He lives in a lovely little place called Coleshill, I love it there my Grand Parents lived there so thats where I have most of my memories. It's quite and is right by the countryside and a place called Maxstoke (which has amazing places to walk!) is down the road but its still a bus journey away from the centre of town.
We took a little walk down to the local shop and of course I took this as a perfect chance to take some photographs!
After all this is were I grew up,so the pictures would be more for self enjoyment really.

There's a long drive to my dads and has a bridge over the M42 but even here there is plenty of pretty things to photograph. Now the first time I stayed at my dad's place aside from its out of the way location the first thing I noticed was this sweet little lamp outside the house which reminded me of something that should have been in Narnia!

The views were lovely since there was still a small amount of snow covering all the fields and everywhere so made gorgeous photographs.
Once we walked down to the main road there was still plenty to take photographs of,as the detailing on the houses were lovely,beautiful big window's but I figured people wouldn't appreciate a random girl taking pictures of there houses!

After a lengthy walk - well what I see as a lengthy walk we got to the little shop.
While dad ran in I walked over the road to the park where I spent near enough half of my childhood with my grand parents. 
I hadn't been there in years,since my nan passed away and I felt quite emotional being there. You know when you go to a place that you have been so many times but then when you go back after what seems like forever all those memories come flooding back to you ? Well, thats exactly what happened.

The Bridge that leads up to Coleshill high street has so many memories for me. At the end of the road on the right is where my grand parents lived so you can imagine as a child I was constantly asking to go to the park or to go feed the ducks!
Any one the same age as me who didn't play 'Pooh Sticks' as a child did not live !
For those of you who don't know how the game goes,Winnie the Pooh used to play it in the books. He used to through a stick on one side of the bridge then you had to run to the other side and watch it float through and you'd see who's got there first. Pretty Simple but very amusing at the age of 5 and 6.
Well, this bridge was perfect for playing it! 
Endless hours I remember playing with my nan and cousin Marcus here and then when my younger cousin Frankie came along the same with her.

So to stand there years later for the first time,it was strange to say the least.

& of course we fed the ducks!

As lovely as it was too stand and remember all the good times there it was freezing so it was defiantly time to  go home,so I took one last picture before we walked back home,with  re route down my Grand Parents old road..

Walking past my grand parents house was really strange,especially the last time I had been there was not long after my second transplant when we were clearing the house for sale after my Grand-Dad sadly passed away with cancer while I was recovering in intensive care..
It's strange how one place can hold so many memories yet can change so quickly,I mean someone new had moved in and the house just didn't look the same.
After having a nosey like every one does we had our lengthy walk home…

This is the view of Coleshill Church on the drive up towards my Dad's house - Beautiful!

And right on my Dad's door step there is a little field and his land lord has two horses there,and they always make me laugh as every time somebody walks past they have to come and have a nosey and neigh at them!
For some reason I love this photo,even though there's all branches in the way! ha ha

Then we got home!

I hope you guy's liked this post as it isn't like my usual types of posts,But figured I'd show you all some photography I'd taken in the week.
My Boyfriend has got a week of so I'm sure I'll be writing plenty more posts by the weekend.

So stay safe and Speak Soon.

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