Sunday, 10 March 2013

March Glossybox..

Hey Guys!

I'm new to the Glossy Box trend,and have got to say I can see why so many people love them! Right so if you don't know what a Glossy Box is let me explain..
Glossy Box like it says in the name is a Gorgeous box that you receive through the post with 5 Beauty Products inside - Mostly Travel/Sample Size. Each month they have products from lots of different brands and there all amazing! You pay £10 per month (plus postage + packaging) and then that month you'll recieve the cute little pink box through the post!

Like I say this month was the first time I ever received one and it felt like my birthday and christmas rolled into one! Sadly i was so excited by it that I opened it all without thinking of taking some pictures of the packaging but honestly if you get glossy boxes you will understand I'm sure!

This months Box was based on 'City Chic' which totally made my day even more as this was totally up my street! So i untied the sweet little pink bow to find some great little treats inside - all of which I'd purchase individually,honestly! The First product to catch my eye was the 'Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush' in a gorgeous red! Those of you who follow me on instagram will know I'm nearly almost always sporting a red lip so couldn't wait to try this one!

This lovely lip stain was rather pigmented and really did last all day! Me being forgetful forgot to take a picture,but take my word its amazing. I wore this while walking round Crufts all day in a hot arena and it still stayed after eating drinking and all that jazz! Ill defiantly be buying this again once this runs out as it is well priced at £12 ( who doesn't want a lip stain and Bee's Wax balm in one?

The second think i couldn't help notice with its cute packaging was a little Nails Inc Nail Varnish in a beautiful taupe/pink color. Personally i struggle with getting a pink varnish that doesn't look ridiculous on my pale skin tone so was hoping this color would do the trick. I haven't used this for a full manicure yet but painted some on my ring finger just to check it out and fell in love straight away! It is amazing color and look so flattering against my skin tone,didn't make me look like a barbie!

Seriously the picture doesn't give the color of this polish (Bruton St.)  justice but I will defiantly be buying this in full size once this little beauty has run out. I do find Nails Inc products quite expensive generally and haven't liked pink shades of there brand I've tried before but I'd happily spend £11 on this! The colors true to the bottle and only took one coat. I think I may have just found my Spring/Summer nail color!

After my excitement of the nail in product I then fall upon a can of Tresemme Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray. This didn't really excite me,after the first too things I found myself having that feeling of finding a pair of socks of your granny at christmas ,But just like that kind of present it was useful as I had ran out of hairspray so I guess wasn't too bad.

Yeah cant complain to much as this made my hair stay all day when i plaited it as i suffer with a lot of fly away's because of my extensions so this was a handy little thing to have in there.

Juicy Couture perfume is just gorgeous and as you can imagine I was thrilled to find a sample of Couture La La in this months Glossy Box! This perfume is very feminine,yet it includes sensual woods and musk but with all the floral scents in there it is lovely. I've had a sample of this before and I forgot how much I loved it !

After using this sample again I think ill defiantly me saving up for a full size bottle of this but I will defiantly have to save at £63 for 100ml.. It's a perfect summer fragrance and my boyfriend kept saying how nice I smelt while wearing this so its a must buy I think !

The next product was ideal as it was something that I wouldn't usually try or really think to try either if I'm honest. It was the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Skin Protectant - Fragrance Free. 
I have sensitive skin so I tend to stick to my 'go to' creams as I know they work and have had no need to change them really but after reading that this was Fragrance Free I thought I'd give this sample a go.
Its a intensive moisturizer which is very thick - reminded me more of a serum actually so a little goes a long way. It is a multi purpose product and it can be used on dry skin,can shape your brows with it,use on chapped lips and to smooth cuticles and nails! It really is a all round product.

Personally I tend to use Drug Store products like Soap And Glory so this is quite expensive for what i would purchase at £25 for 50ml but saying that for its multi purpose use I guess its worth the price as you wouldnt have to buy other products really. I'll defiantly need to use the rest of this sample up before I decide if I'd buy  this full size really.

The thing that made me want to get a glossy box in the first place was the cute packaging and the quirky little extra's you get with the box. Like a little leaflet explaining the products in detail along with there prices etc to little magazines. This month the little extra was a Sweet little Book : 'My Little Traveling Book'
Inside there's 28 double pages of things to do in different cities. It was adorable and found this brilliant since I'm of to Paris this year. Inside was a double page including 9 Travel associated stickers!

Two of these I've already used and put them on some of my make - up pots!

Overall? This months glossy box for me was a win!
Ill be putting my order in for April's for sure.
So go on Girl's go check it out - also a little heads up if you recommend five friends and they all get Glossy Box's you will receive your next Glossy Box free!

Hope you've all had a lovely Mothers Day.
Stay Safe and See you soon.

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