Monday, 29 April 2013


Hey Guys,
Hope your okay?
So today's post is a very important post to me.
Which means a pretty long post again - sorry!
Let me ask you all something?..

Are you on the organ donor list?
If not do you know how quick it is to join it?

There's more than 10,000 people in the UK who need a transplant.
1,000 of those people will die while waiting on the transplant list.
Yet only 31% of us are actually on the organ donor list..
This means,your more likely to need a transplant then to be a donor!

Now before you all think 
"oh,its easy for you to say join the list because you've had a transplant but why should we think about it?"
When I was 16 a spur of the moment decision made me join the organ donor list,I ticked everything but my eyes.
I spoke to my friend Jade who also joined the list at a similar time about it and why shouldn't we do something to save lives!

Then strangely enough a year after.
I was dying from Liver Failure.

It's as simple as that.
You never know when your times up,
and you'll never know if it will be you needing a transplant.

So then I ask ?
If you was in Organ failure - would you accept a organ?
Which is when you all say "Well of course!"

This is what confuses me,
people would happily receive a organ but would not think about donation.
I understand the thought of death is scary,and that's why people aren't always keen to discuss it with there family.
Yet when I was 16,I wasn't thinking about death,simply was thinking about if I can help some one then I will.

It's not just organs like the liver and heart that help,so does tissue donation!
A tissue donation could save up to 50 people,as they help so many different things.
Restoring sight (I actually spoke to a lady who had a cornea transplant and regained her sight which changed my mind on donation of eyes),repairing heart defects and can even be used as a natural dressing!

My intentions of this post aren't to force my views on any of my readers as I know everyone has the right to think differently to me,but please guy's give it a thought if you haven't already.

If I hadn't of received my transplants,
I wouldn't be seeing my baby sister growing up.
Wouldn't have had a chance to fall in love.
And most importantly - live my life to the full.

Some one at some point decided to give so that someone like me could live.

This brings me round to the topic of an amazing awareness campaign I'm currently supporting called iLIVEiGIVE.
The campaign is based on trying to get people to celebrate live,and living it to it's fullest while inspiring people to think about how they could give the gift of life to someone if something was to happen to them.
The campaign uses specially made t-shirts to increase awareness, whether it be on the street,at a concert / events or on top of a mountain!
Then posting pictures of themselves with them at those kind of things to social media like Facebook and twitter!

I will be wearing my t-shirt in the sports wear round in the Miss Birmingham final this Saturday!

You guy's can check the campaign out by following
Twitter : @iliveigive
Email them at
or check there website out

So if you guy's want to help?
You can do that by texting JOIN to 84880
calling 0300 123 23 23

Secondly you guy's could get in touch with iLIVE iGIVE and help support the campaign!!

Sorry for the super long post but I hope you guys can give it a thought and be sure to contact me for any information at all!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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