Sunday, 21 April 2013

April BirchBox Review.

Hey Guys,
Its near the end of the month which can only mean one thing..
In this post I will be reviewing April's Birchbox which was spring inspired.

Now before I get started if I'm honest I only really liked one of these products maybe two at a push..
If your going to subscribe to a beauty box I would personally advice you try glossy box first and birch box if you want to try more expensive,samples?

Anyway so starting with something I quite liked..
Weleda's Skin Food

This product is £8.95 full size and is actually pretty good.
Its a moisturiser that really helps dry heels and stuff like that, Victoria Beckham apparently swears by it!
I have got to say it is really good quality so I could possibly think about re purchasing this full size,but I'm not one hundred percent on that really.

Next I spotted Gerda Spillmann's Renaissance age serum.

Now I'm always to find a good eye serum so was excited to try this one out.
But was slightly disappointed by its consistency.
I found it way to watery,not pleasant at all!
Mind you I am smitten with my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream that I sampled from a  previous beauty box.
The product is nice one worked in but at £69 full size I am defiantly sticking with Elizabeth Arden!

Then I spotted this cute packaging..

 This was a soap from La Societe Parisienne De Savons.
Never heard of the company before so was curious!
Then got a wiff of the soap..
It isn't really my cup of tea it is very musky I think,but on that note im not keen on solid soaps.
I will try this soap wet and see if it smells any different but and £8.50 can't say I'm blown away due to the smell..
The packagings cute though!..

 Then I spotted this lip colour pen and as you guy's no I'm obsessed with lip colours!
This gorgeous product 'Glossy Kiss' is from the company mirenesse in shade 14. Perfect Kiss.
Now this product is absolutely stunning, but is rather pricey at £17.50 per product - eek

 As you can see they really are glossy!
The only downside is that they are rather glittery,and I don't like shimmer in lip products
BUT that is just personal preference really.
I love this product but it would have to be a amazing shade without shimmer to make me want to spend £17.50 on it.

This conditioner?
Cute bottle and its organic!
I can't really review it yet as I haven't tried it yet,
but it has lavender in it so can't wait to try it tonight!
Especially as full size it would cost a cheeky £16.00.

And then hiding at the bottom was the cutest little mirror ever!

Its a lovely mirror and seems pretty 'zoomed in' too me,
its fab for touch ups on the go!
£7 if you were to buy it separately - cute design though.

So that was april's birch box,
like I say I haven't been to impressed with birch box to be honest sooo
my verdict is...

GlossyBox is the way forward...

See you soon & Stay safe 


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