Monday, 8 April 2013

Roll on Miss Birmingham Prep...

Hey Guys,
Hope your all well?
It's time now to start getting prepared for the Miss Birmingham Final,which may I add I'm insanely nervous for!
What was I thinking ! haha.
But after all this year I wanted to push myself to do thing's my anxiety would stop me doing before,and after all what better excuse to dress up eh!

All in the prep is :

  • Fundraising for The Childrens Variety Charity (comment below if you'd like to sponsor me!)
  • Getting outfits for :- Sportswear,Evening Wear,Party Wear & Eco Wear.
  • Getting people to come along to the final!
And all that kind of stuff!
This means for a while I'm doing what I love most,and thats dress shopping!
Well really I'm looking for dresses to hire for the event as it makes way more sense really. I already have a gorgeous evening dress that my boyfriend brought me for my birthday last year which I'll most likely be wearing!

As for eco wear,I'm looking for a Birmingham designer to help out with making an amazing outfit. This then helps show there designs too!
Makes perfect sense - so if your a designer? GET IN TOUCH !

I've sent of a view emails this morning,and hopefully can get a view fittings this week.
So there will be more vlogs up over the next few days,as I'm hoping to start some fundraising!
So Stay safe And Speak Soon

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