Monday, 15 April 2013

Have a look at my Transplant Journey..

Hey Guy's,
I recently discovered loads of photos from before and during my transplant so thought I'd share you with you  all.
Some of them are very emotional for me to look at as it brings back memories of struggles.
Just makes me realise what the last 3 years have really been like..

I was a 'normal' teenager loved my family and friends and having fun..
And working in child care doing the job I loved.

Then it October my face started to swell..and I started feeling unwell.
In the second picture you can see how withdrawn I was feeling.

In between then and my diagnosis of liver failure there were no photos...
Apart from those from the plane crash that was carrying donor organ number one..

Then after transplant #1 + #2 ...
(the transplants were 8 days apart)

So this was my first Christmas post transplant!
I was let home on December 23rd 2010.
Look at that steroid face!
ha ha 
Then I began my recovery..

    Living a normal life,being crazy as usual and doing all the big sister things I had missed out on while in hospital.

Then wasn't long and I was suffering with rejection again..

By my 19th Birthday it was evident how my liver rejection was affecting me.
Jaundice was setting in and then I found out I was again in end stage liver failure and I would soon be put back on the list.

 Each week I was just going down hill and it was evident..
I was getting more jaundice and  I was getting gaunt and breathless.

But Christmas 2011 I got to go home,
and on the journey back we got the call to say I was on the list.
I wasn't to stay home after christmas though I was to go straight back and honestly I have very little memory of that christmas..
All I did was sleep because I was so weak and exhausted.

When I got back to the hospital it wasn't long until I went down to intensive care as I had fluid in around my heart and lungs..
I was so tired,I was constantly fighting but I still stayed positive.
Two weeks before transplant I could barely stay awake for visits,even though I was too positive to admit it. Time was ticking on and things were not looking great.

But they got better.
And I had transplant number three on the 4th Febuary 2012.
Yet again a selfless donor had saved my life...

So the last three years have been crazy ones to say the least..

I built myself  back up..

and thats been eventful...

Upsetting..loosing both my grand dads in this time..

But there's been amazing times too!

I met the Queen!

Became Friends with one of the firemen who saved liver number one!

Passed my first year studying fashion!

Ran in a competition to be the face of a cosmetics brand.

   Fall in love with a right crazy person!


Made some new friends...

and kept some of the old ones..

           Got support from the strangest of places..

But most importantly.
I finally have happiness and health.
I'm taking every oppurtionuty that get's thrown my way and I'm loving it!
You don't know when your day's will get called so seriously guys



  1. Kate looking back at these photos Just makes me realise what you and your family went though with in the last three years, im so glad our a lot health now and that you look forward for what to come

  2. you trully are an amazing lady sending you love and more healthy years ahead of you.

    1. thankyou so much sylvia! hope your all well!x

  3. Seeing you post on here are inspiring.. I remember you in primary school and how you and aylisha were good friends.. seems so long ago..
    I am proud to say i know you and you have always been a strong lady since you were little.. So glad you are on the mend and are aspiring your hope and dreams... good luck in the miss birmingham competition.. and also with working in the wedding industry..
    :-D x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

    1. thank you shyree that means a lot! especially since you've know me since I was tiny! xxxxx

  4. youre an amazingly strong girl & i la la lurveee you sexfaceee ;) <3 xxxxxxx