Friday, 12 April 2013

The Amazing world of... Twitter!

Hey Guys,
Hope your all well?

The last few day's have been slightly crazy for me.
If you guys watched my latest YouTube Video (,you will know that I had tweeted Katie Piper asking if she would Re-Tweet my blog for me..
Not going to lie I fan girled a little - Katie Piper is a real inspiration to me !

So Katie did,and since then?
Majority of my footfall on my blog is from twitter!
Means a lot that you guy's would take time to read my post's,and although there is still not loads of people looking at this blog it doesn't matter,as you guy's are all so supportive!

Since that one re-tweet I have been given the chance to speak to lots of other brave and amazing ladies over twitter and it just made me more determined for the Miss Birmingham final.
Every girl I spoke to has had a different struggle in life, Cancer,Road Accidents,Organ Failure - Yet not one of them is negative. There all so positive and that's amazing.
As positive as the girl's I've spoke to are,I've also spoke to people who don't feel so positively and I'd like to think that just having a quick chat over twitter,tumblr or how ever it may be that they feel a  bit more positive about their situation.

When I applied for Miss Birmingham I didn't expect to hear back from then and I defiantly didn't think that they'd want me in the final after my nervous audition - but they did.
This was just more proof to me that everyone is beautiful.
When you have been through something that's live changing and leaves you with scars and such I truly believe that generally it just enhances your strength and outlook on life.
I mean before I got all my scars and stretch marks from fluid build up I'd moan about the tiniest of spots,now with a 9 Inch scar that's kind of out of the question haha..

Before transplant I was an over sensitive little soul (mind you I'm just as sensitive now haha) and would cry at everything life chucked at me,but for some reason when it came to transplant my mind set completely changed.
It wasn't a case of will I get a donor organ? It was when?
It wasn't what if this organ failure finishes my life? It was hey liver failure,You won't finish my life!

So really,the last few days have just reminded me why I want to win Miss Birmingham and represent my city.
It's to show everyone - not just girls.
That you have don't have to look a certain way or have certain interests to be seen as Beautiful and Inspirational.
I think we live in a place full of social media and media in general now and peoples aspirations have totally changed.
Instead of wanting to study,they want to be a WAG instead for example. Now of course there's nothing wrong with that IF people are doing it because they want to but girl's these days are so easily influenced by what they see online and television really.

So my message to girl's is Yes celebrities are Beautiful no doubt about that,I myself often say "Aaa wish I looked like her!" 
But the truth is,I wouldn't change my life for anything.
I'm happy in my skin,and I want to help other people feel that way too,even if it's just one person thats one more self confident person then before!

Sorry for such a long blog post guys,but last night I was thinking of this over and over.

So stay safe and speak soon

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