Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Big Sis Little Sis Weekend at Chessington World Of Adventure...

Hey Guy's !
Hope your all well.
Today I will be telling You all about my recent trip to Chessington world of adventure with my little sister and boyfriend.

Having had recently moved down to Bedfordshire to be with my other half I haven't had much of a chance to see Annabel and defiantly not spend any quality time together,So we decided before my boyfriend was going away with work that we would have her over for the weekend.
We were planning on taking her to Lego Land to start with but the prices were absolutely ridiculous especially with us having to get to Windsor too so instead we choose chessington.

I booked in advance so got 10% off - meaning we all got in for £81.
You can actually get 25% off if you book even more in advance so just go online and check your dates!
The only problem was Annabel wasn't measured before I got the tickets but works out she could have gone in free - So do double check!!

So On Friday Me And Gareth went to collect 'Belle from my mum's house and she was of course a big ball of energy especially since it had been her first day at nursery so she was extremely talkative - all the way home haha.

When Saturday came around she just wanted to get going so we set of early to try and get there for when the park opened (10am) ..
So it was time for us all to grab a big breakfast and leave for the fun ahead..


Once we got there thankfully we didn't have to queue long as we were just collecting tickets - which I would suggest as the queue to buy on the day was pretty long!


We got to the park a tad later then we planned as we wanted to catch the meet and greet at the Children's Zoo as Annabel really wanted to hold a guinea pig but it turned out that once we got into the park that the park was still open but sadly belle couldn't hold the animals BUT there were goats,pigs and chickens roaming around..

After that belle was eager to get on the little skyline they have going around the park where you get a view of the whole zoo.
Thankfully she was big enough to get on it!
We found this a great way to work out the best way to walk around the zoo and to the parts you wanted to go.

Sadly belle is so dinky that she wasn't able to go on many rides...
Literally she was limited to the zoo,sea life centre and the carousel.
This of course didn't bother her tooo much but I would suggest not taking children younger then 4/5 if they do love rides! (or maybe belle's just really short?..)

So the rest of the day literally consisted of the carousel and the zoo!

We then popped into the Sea Life centre on site as the octonaughts feauture throughout but sadly belle was not impressed and wanted to get out straight away! I was gutted as I love sea life centres so much,still being a big sister had to make sure she was happy ha ha.

She did love the sea life centre shop though & brought these adorable turtles for her backpack.
And I may have walked out with a teddy shark - as I sport a huge obsession for them..

Annabel also loves penguins so after we had gone to quickly see them we decided it was time to pop to the sweet shop and grab some ice cream!

After we had sat to eat ice cream we were all so so tired as it was like half 3 and we had been there all day so once belle said "Kate? My feet hurt now." It was obvious that it was time to go home..
Making a few stops on the way back to the car of course to play with remote control boats and pick up some 'souvenirs' ha ha.

 Then soon enough we were home bound..
And within 15 minutes Annabel was fast asleep and when we got home after playing with her new lego (which she's clinging onto here in this photo..) and eating here 'Bubbleworks' Lollipop she was ready for bed ready for going to play with kites the next day..

So thanks Chessington for such a fun day!
I would DEFIANTLY recommend it but if you are only going for the rides be sure the children going to are the correct height to get on rides as we had a lot of tears when belle wasn't big enough,
other than that there's nothing I could complain about.
The Staff were brilliant and helpful and when inside the park everything was well priced!

Stay Safe and Speak Soon

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