Saturday, 28 September 2013

87 Day's Until Christmas - Need help getting prepared??

Hey Guy's,
Hope your all well?
So Yes,Its Christmas In 87 Days - and I can't wait!
I absolutely love Christmas, just the whole part of giving presents to people and seeing people so happy !

But on the run up to Christmas ?
Not So happy.
Thankfully for me there are lots of Birthdays from now until January So I have to plan in advance,but some people get so stressed out about present buying,that I thought I'd write a blog post to let you know the best ways to prepare for the big day.
So here are a few tip's and tricks that I use to make sure you can have a calm stress free(ish) Christmas.

Yes Start now if you haven't already as the longer you leave it the bigger the cost when your buying everybody's presents at once and if you have started buying like me then plan out when and what you are going to purchase so you don't over spend and you are more prepared! 
Also all the great Christmas deals are starting now so the longer you leave it the more deals will have been snapped up,so in the post I will try and include as many deals as I can for you so be too sure to click on the links I include and have a nosey. :)

My Fave Christmas shop for Deals is...

The best place for Christmas Deals as there gift's are almost always on 3 for 2.
And since I'm feeling super nice here's a 10% Off Code when you spend over £60 between now and the 3rd October. (UKEM60) !

The well known Soap And Glory Bundle is also back on sale wahoo - this years looks beautiful!
£60 is a absolute bargain considering what the products cost individually,I have had one of these ever year so far there perfect for any girl (heads up lads!)
OR they have a smaller bag of miniature's for £18 - BARGAIN!

Be sure to check out there Christmas shop guy's as they have 3 for 2 gifts on presents for everyone even children and children's clothes!

Struggling to find presents for someone who has 'everything' ?

Sometimes the main stress of buying for people is that they seem to have everything already so you just don't have a clue!
So how about a voucher ? Not your usual £10 at a shop they don't even go in but an experience voucher?
Virgin Experience Days are a great way to give a unique but fun gift with so many different choices
From Pamper Days and Photoshoots to Sky Diving and Sport Car Driving.
They are amazing value for money and always work out as great presents - I have already purchased three! 
As a little help I also have another 10% Off Experiences - But this only qualifies if they aren't included in another offer/sale. (EXPERIENCE10)

On the similar thing as a voucher how about trying Groupon they are a great site which offers amazing offers on experiences,goods and breaks away.
They literally have everything so there also a good one to have a look at!

Sentimental & Personal Gift?

If you want to make a more personal gift for a loved one,what better way then photography wether its put in frames or canvas or even scrapbooks.
I have a deal for Boots Photo (PENNYPRINT913) where you can get Get up to 50 6x4 standard prints for just 1p - how brilliant is that!

I love the idea of scrap booking and used to do it a lot when I was younger and I literally am a magpie and I save EVERYTHING from everything so always have mementos so why not if your the same or are just super creative create a scrapbook?
The best type i have found are Smash Folio's they include gorgeous scrapbook style paper inside and can be fully customized with some amazing stuff! 
Here's a YouTube video for you to have a look what there all about..

Now I found them at hobbycraft from £12.99 and if you spend £20 online they give you free standard delivery perfect for collecting the rest of your things to complete your smash book!

For that eco friend?

Lush sell the most gorgeous bath products and are eco and animal friendly!
Also the great part? There gifts already come beautifully wrapped so that's one less thing to worry about and from £3.50 to £100 there's something for everyone!
But if you want to purchase some of the loose bath bombs why not buy these lovely 'Fizz Tank' for £3.50 which can store them safely until you use them AND it's made out of old returned lush containers = recycling at its best!

For Boys,Men.. Or infact anyone into quirky gifts & clothes.

Truffle Shuffle is by far one of my favorite online shops!
Everything about it I love.
They sell clothes,jewelry accessories gifts - everything,based on tv shows,movies,retro stuff.
It is just amazing and I have a lot of peoples Christmas presents coming from here.
Now if you spend £40 you get Free Delivery and If you order before 4pm Same Day Dispatch!
They currently have an up to 85% Summer Sale on with some awesome tshirts,
and for this weekend only 20% off there own label tee's (TSTREAT20) ! 
Definatly worth a look,like I say by far my fave shop online.

Handmade Gift's?

I can't explain how brilliant this site is.
Lots of talented people selling there creations online and there is everything on here so literally just go have a look!
Want something? Etsy are bound to sell it.

Everyone loves a personalized gift..

Getting Personal is a site that I actually found a few days ago but they sell amazing personalized gifts for everyone and every budget.
Again there's so much just go and have a nosey!

So there are a few sites I think are great for christmas presents and range from different prices and are affordable but theres some really personal gifts in there too without spending a fortune.
After all Christmas Isn't all about buying the most expensive gifts to impress but sharing time with family and giving gifts that will bring happiness!

Keep that in mind & Speak Soon.

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