Thursday, 15 January 2015

Being in the Daily Mail & Saying Thank You!

Hey Guys!
So this is a pretty random unplanned post,
but feel like I need to do this.
Some of you may have seen that today my story was share over on the Daily Mail website.
I am so happy that it's been picked up by a national newspaper as it always gets so much more awareness for organ donation which has been what I have always tried to do.
Over the next few weeks I am hoping to get more awareness and get my story heard even more.
It is coming up to 3 years since I had my Third Transplant,and it just blows my mind how fast time has past.
I try my best to continue my donor's legacies by sharing my story  Our Story,
because after all without them I wouldn't be here to try and raise awareness.
People continuously tell me I am brave and inspirational but I don't see that,
I see it as my life was saved by three selfless amazing heroes and its my job to tell the world just how amazing they were and how they made a difference to mine and my family and friends lives.
I want to say thank you to ALL of you for supporting what I do,
and sharing my story and helping me get the importance of organ donation out there.
You are all amazing!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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