Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My Goals for 2015.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Over the past week I have seen plenty of these kind of posts,and everyone has had plenty of different goals for the year.
Before I posted my goals (you can see my 2014 'aims' here) I wanted to be sure that the goals I made were realistic and appropriate for what I wanted to achieve this year.
So here are...
My Goals for 2015.

Print Out Photography From Walks.

In my previous 'goals for 2014' post I said that I wanted to take photos more and thankfully I have done just that.
Me & Gareth regularly go for walks and this year have begun to take my camera with me every time and that's allowed me to come out with some beautiful pictures (which I am hoping to share in a post next week...)
So this year I hope not only too continue taking more photos but too also print them!
I am looking at doing this in photo books so I have them all together to look over the years walks.
I just love how photos can just capture a moment perfectly and everytime you look at it,it can remind you off how you felt and replay that memory - amazing really!
I am looking forward to doing this,especially if we do end up getting dogs - eek.

 Maintain My Health,Fitness & Well Being.

Now 'Get Fit' 'Loose Weight' are goals I see people repeatedly make,yet I have never felt the need to set a goal of such to loose weight and in fact post transplant was quite the opposite and I needed to gain weight.
I am now at a very healthy weight of 9 Stone and I hope to be able to maintain that this year while trying to get fitter and tone up - this is solely to benefit my lifestyle and hobbies.
As for my health,it is the best it has been in years,so I just want to be sure I am doing my best to compliment what my amazing liver team do to keep my body happy. Over 2014 I started eating healthier and eating a lot more fresh food,and cutting out the foods that aren't as great for me. 2015 I plan on taking more vitamins and such to benefit me going to the gym,and just ensure I am trying to be as healthy as I can be to keep my transplant organ happy !
Also in 2015 I hope I can get more help for my mental well being,and continue to improve on working on my anxiety!
Overall I just want to be sure I am the best I can be.
Do something new EVERY MONTH.
This Year has been pretty tight on the money front for one reason and another,yet we were able to achieve so so much!
This made me realise that even on a budget it is no reason to just sit at home and whinge about it.
So this year we are in a bit of a better situation and Me & Gareth have already said that we want to make the most of this and do more,and along with that try something new EVERY MONTH.
So this might be something simple like trying a new cuisine,or going somewhere new or something like trying a new activity (Go Ape is on the list)
I just want to push myself this year,and do as much as I can and just enjoy life now I am the happiest I have been in the longest time.
Well those are my Three Goals for 2015.
Have you got any ? If so let me know in the comments below :)
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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