Monday, 5 January 2015

My Lush Favourites - Bath Bombs

Hey Guys !
Hope your all okay ?
As many of you know I am slightly obsessed with Lush.
So I thought I would share some of my all times faves with you - sadly some of these do include some limited edition products that have only come out around certain times of the year so I can't promise you will get these again in the future.

Butter Bear

This was a Christmas 2014 bath bomb that was loved by almost everyone.
Butter bear was a very cute version of the permanent fixture Butter Ball (although I wish lush would switch that for the bear version sooo cute)
This little guy is full of chunks of shes butter and cocoa butter and was the perfect bath product if your skin needed a bit of love.
I must try butterball again really as when I used it back in 2013 I wasn't too keen,maybe it was just a dud bath bomb?
but yes,lush bring back butterbear in place of butterball!



Too start how cool does this bath bomb look?
This bath bomb was released in 2014 I believe and the colourful appearance attracted me straight away. It has a very beautiful floral yet fresh scent.
It has a very calming scent with the use of jasmine oils - its like taking a bath in a Japanese garden!
I feel like Sakura is really over looked,it is defiantly one of my favourites though.

Ahh this bath bomb is BEAUTIFUL.
I from time to time struggle with sleep,especially when I am ill,and this bath bomb always comes to the rescue when needed!
This bath bomb is full of fragrances to aid sleep containing lavender which i personally find very relaxing ,Twilight has a very relaxing sweet but floral scent.
Defiantly worth a smell when your next in a Lush store.

Shooting Star
                     This is one of the most interesting bath bombs I have ever used.
On the outside it is just as gorgeous but when shooting star hits the water silver lustre starts swirling around the base,its perfect! The only downside? This bath bomb IS limited edition and comes out around Christmas... Sorry Guys!

Space Girl
This is probably one of my all time favourites from lush - any bath bomb containing popping candy is a winner right?
Space Girl has a very sweet scent but the use of grapefruit makes this bath bomb one that's very uplifting for any mood and refreshing for the skin!
I also love the appearance of this one too,especially since it has recently started being dusted with a red glittery powder,very galaxy'esque.

Melting Snowman
As you can probably guess melting snowman is a Christmas edition.
I just HAD to include a photo of the snowman 'melting' as it is just the cutest thing possibly ever.
Aside from the cute aspect this is a very moisturising bath melt.
It is perfect for the winter when your skin is slightly dryer as this is full of lots of different butters and oils,great for those pesky cold nights! 

Tisty Totsy
This is probably my number one lush bath bomb to be honest.
It is everything I love in one product - and the fact that its rose scented makes me love it even more.
Rose isn't every ones scent but I think its a beautiful timeless scent,and the scent mixed with geranium and jasmine is just beautiful.
Very floral and the seven real rosebuds floating around the bath make it even more perfect for me!

So what are your favourite Lush Faves?
Or maybe you prefer another brand Let me know below!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon


  1. I received the Butter Bear one for christmas, so looking forward to trying it! Can't get over how adorable that melting snowman one is. Poor thing!

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. You will love it !
      I know adorable isn't it,wish they had things like this all year round.

      Kate x