Saturday, 10 January 2015

Lush Valentines Range 2015

 Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Yesterday Lush started selling there Valentines Day products (Yes,I know it isn't February yet,but I am not one to complain at Valentines Limited Edition Products!)
So I decided I would go into store straight away this morning to pick up some goodies & do a haul for you guys - I have been waiting all year for this release,as I loved Prince Charming shower gel last year so that was defiantly on my list.
When I saw this online yesterday I was super excited to give it a smell.
I have really got into solid soaps recently as I am usually a shower gel lover but this super fruity soap is a happy addition to my growing collection.
This soap does remind me a little of Prince Charming shower gel actually with its rich yet sweet and fruity scent although this does lean more towards the fruitier side. The use of Passion Fruit Juice,Fresh Figs & Bergamot Oil make Cupid's Love Uplifting and Conditioning - Beautiful.
As soon as I saw this yesterday online simply the look of it made me fall in love (and being a unicorn lover,the name did draw me in too..) and smelling it in store today didn't leave me disappointed.
When I first some sneak peak images of this I have to say I thought it would have a sweet candy scent but was completely shocked reading that it was actually lavender scented!
Yes this beautiful pastel unicorn horn instead is meant to calm and relax you.
This has a lovely calming scent with the lavender & ylang ylang oil - can't wait to use this one!
How sweet is this Bubbleroon?
This is actually my favourite out of the bath products from the valentines range this year (appearance wise of course). I love bubbleroons as you just split them in half and crumble them in your bath like a bubble bar but the bubbleroons leave you with super soft skin!
I can't see this one being any different considering it has Organic Shea Butter in alongside Franngipani Absolute,Vanilla Absolute and Geranium Oil.
This leaves Heart Throb smelling like a very pampering,sweet yet floral yet spa like (great explanation I know...) bath product. This one defiantly wins me heart!

Prince Charming Shower Gel - £9.50/200g (small & bigger quantities available)

Where do I even start with this shower gel?
Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while or follow me over on twitter will know how much I LOVE this product.
Prince Charming hit Lush last Valentines,and as soon as I smelt it my dreams came true (and no I am not even kidding) this is my perfect scent in a bottle.
This smells just like Turkish Delight (and also shares the scent of lush's melting marshmallow moment) - roses and sweetness aaaah perfect.
Last year I stocked up on this bad boy and I have only just come to the end of my last bottle so I was glad to purchase this once again...
First off,I choose a pretty bad example of this bubble bar as it's supposed to be a heart shape - oops sorry!
This again joined my list after looking online and readings it's ingredients,as soon as I read 'Rose Absolute' it was instantly added to my list.
Personally I'd say this has a very floral but uplifting scent,totally up my street.
The use of Bergamot & Lemon Grass Oil is defiantly behind the uplifting part of the scent,I love this one it has a beautiful scent - just wish it didn't have all this gold lustre as it just gets everywhere but that's just personal taste.
image from
Lush are also selling this bath bomb as part of the Valentines Collection,I didn't buy this one as unfortunately the scent of this just isn't up my street so would be a waste of money.
What I can tell you after seeing it in store is that it shares the same scent as Flying Fox shower gel which is great for the skin as it has great antibacterial and antiseptic ingredients.
It is also a pretty well sized product - just not my cup of tea.
Image from
This bath bomb is HUGE - that showing in the price.
As lovely as this product is,I tried this last year and this week it just waned in the budget for me to pick this up as well as the new things I wanted to try.
Love Locket has a sweet but floral scent - if I remember right actually almost love heart sweet scented.It can be split into two if you wish also so that can make the price worth while but personally unless you really want to try this one I'd give it a miss.
It's nice and all but I wouldn't buy it again at £6.95 I don't think - Great as a Gift though!
Lush are also offering lots of Valentines themed gifts too which I will be talking about closer to February :)
What do you want to try from the collection?
What do you think Lush should bring out this Valentines ?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.


  1. I picked up the unicorn heal, heart throb and the love locked bath bomb. I did wince at the 6.95 price tag but I wanted to give it a go, it smells good so I just hope it looks as good!

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. You'll love it! It is an amazing bath bomb (just read on your post your going to use it for one bath,I did that too got to haven't you lol) just when on a budget I found myself reaching for other things having got it once. That said though I'm sure I will gave at some point !

      Kate xo