Thursday, 12 February 2015

The BEST gift you could give this Valentines..

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well ?
So here it is again, getting closer and closer to Valentines Day.
The one day every year where the focus is on Love.
Maybe your in a relationship or single - What ever your situation there is no escaping the obvious show of affection everywhere!
I am a sucker for 'holidays' and Valentines Day is absolutely no different for me.
This year though, I do feel differently.
14th February 2013 - Was the day I was finally discharged after my Third Liver Transplant.
That year I was over whelmed with the feeling of love.
I really wanted to chat about this after my friend Stacie has taken part in a campaign this Valentines Day called 'Give your heart' which is hoping to make people think about joining the organ donor register this Valentines day - Please watch the short video below :)
So what made me feel differently about valentines this year?
I have an amazing husband who shows me he loves me all year round, and as much as I love the novelty of a day surrounded it,well I don't need it..
But there are people this valentines day who NEED a gift,
the valuable gift of life.
This valentines?
I will be spending it with Gareth, appreciating the amazing gift that keeps giving - Organ Donation.
I remember Valentines 2013 so vividly as I felt such love for my donors,
as I got to return home after months in hospital and enjoy the amazing things life had to offer, and weeks later not that I knew it then I would start to talk to my now Husband.
Life has a funny way of working out,
And I couldn't wish more for someone to get there call for transplant more than Stacie.
(She also writes a blog at Life is Worth The Fight)
So why not think about joining the register and giving someone like Stacie the chance of loving life this valentines day and every day after?
Stay Safe, Speak Soon
& Have an amazing Valentines Day.
x o x o

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