Saturday, 7 February 2015

Minted Wishlist - I want it all !

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
Me and Gareth Recently moved - again..
Not only have we moved, but we have moved into a property which is huge and has a lot of empty space which is just begging to be decorated.
We have been on the hunt for things to hang on the walls for ages now (even back to the old house!)
So when I found out about I was very excited.
They sell some amazing artwork that is perfectly matched to my taste.
So today I put together a little wish list, which I must say keeps growing the more I look on minted ! 

This print was one of the first ones I saw over on Minted which made me fall in love with them instantly.
Me & Gareth have a little joke where he always takes the Mikey I sign off on my blogs with xoxo so when he leaves sometimes he will say "take care speak soon ex oh ex oh" so this print seems perfect ha.
I think I may end up getting this to put in my office using some of our wedding photo's - I am also eyeing up the Mr & Mrs Print to go with this!

Fox & Deer
How cute are these? Slightly hipster I must admit but I love it.
I absolutely adore animals, and woodland animals are no exception - In fact they are some of my favourites!
I have seen quite a few of these different kind of geometric prints and I am in love with them all!
These will defiantly be going somewhere in our house at some point, just need to find some more woodland animals to go with these guys - any suggestions welcome in the comments :)

I think this print is really sweet, I liked the fact it came in four different colours making this simplistic print perfect for everyone.
I think this would be a fab one in my office just to reinforce this fact..
Some times if I am having days where my anxiety is quite high,I always these kind of motivational prints handy at picking me up sooo this may be a must!

I fell in love with another motivational quote - this time for above my dressing table!
 I just love this quote, people are always trying to be the best they can be but more then often its because of how they view other people look etc.
I think it's super important to promote self worth to be honest, so think this would be perfect in any space of the house and for lots of different ages just to give a slight reminder on those down days!
Which of these is your favourite? Hard to choose right ?!
Why not create you own wishlist - I'd love to see them all :)
(You can view there new Art Collection HERE)
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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