Saturday, 21 February 2015

Is sticking to trends really that important?

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
I have always wondered whether wearing an outfit can really change your mood,
like if you wear a favourite top or jeans it can pick up your day.
But when I tried on this dress - well I fell in LOVE.
I picked up this sunflower dress in a Misguided sale not to long ago after wanting it since October.
Sadly it is no longer in stock but I really wanted to have a little chat about it.
You know when people say - an outfit can completely change your mood and for a long time I really didn't believe that could be the case.
As someone who has spent months at a time in hospital though I have learnt over time that this is very much true even if it be a nice new pair of pyjamas (and trust me in hospital that is the most amazing thing ever and I'm sure many other patients would agree.)
This got me thinking,
Fashion really is pretty incredible.
It allows us to express ourselves so well, and I think its great that people choose to do this.
As soon as I put on this dress I instantly feel happier,
so it just shows,if you dress in something you feel comfortable in?
It instantly shows!
What I am really trying to get at is how important it is to dress for YOU.
This dress may have been made to worn in the summer, but pop on some tights and a jacket and your good to go!
You really don't need to dress to be in with the latest trends, fashions or seasons, but if what you enjoy wearing is a trend right now then that's great too!
I know this is a pretty random post but I saw something over on the dreaded facebook slating people who don't spend much on clothes etc and it made me sad.
It shocks me that people let such things define others,so shallow and its no wonder people suffer with low self esteem these days.
So whether you want to wear a ball gown, a Winnie the pooh onesie or a tracksuit, all that matters is you are comfortable and happy!
And trust me, a girl who lived in pjammas for over 4 months,
when it comes down to it, what you wear is not important,
so if your going to wear anything let it be a SMILE.
(or a sunflower covered dress hehe)
Stay Safe & Speak Soon
x o x o


  1. This dress is lovely, and you look beautiful! I agree with you 100% that everyone should wear what they feel comfortable in - it makes a huge difference! great post Kate :)
    Chloe Xx

    1. Aaw thanks Chloe !
      Comfort over Fashion every time for me :P