Monday, 9 February 2015

Liver Catchup - December to Now.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
Recently I have kind of slacked with updating you all about how clinic has been going,
there's a few reasons for this but one being I didn't want to jinx myself I suppose.
In December my team decided to start to change my medications.
I was on such a huge amount of medication even 3 years on that they believe it has had a big knock on on effect on my health in other aspects - for example my asthma has got considerably worse.
So Decembers clinic came and I was pretty scared, the last time my medications were changed was before transplant number 3 and my liver HATED it.
I was pretty hesitant to have them changed but new the benefits of it too (which I will go into in a second).
My doctor went ahead and stopped one of my anti rejection medications - Tacrolimus.
Then up'ed my steroid dosage and tad to prevent rejection.
My bloods since this change (January) where a tad raised but this could be several reasons so we just need to see what my bloods in March are like and that will dictate wether my medications continued to be changed or not - scary stuff.
The whole reason for changing my medications is to try and give me a better immune system, as I am a lot more medication then most.
As well as that on some of these medications you can't get pregnant - and of course this is something Me and My Husband want to think about the next few years.
Overall my health seems pretty good - so here's to the tablet changing working!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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