Friday, 6 February 2015

#LUSHValentines Blogger Event

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
So sorry I vanished for a few days but my laptop died - RIP Red Dell..
But I am BACK new laptop and all wahey!
This week I was lucky enough to attend a bloggers event at my favourite lush store Lush Luton.
By now, after all the posts I have done you will all know how much I love this store and its staff  and the friends I have made there so you can imagine how excited I was to go check out all the valentines goodies again!
NEW - Heart Throb, A bubble bar with the same scent of African Paradise body conditioner? Count me in! This has a super uplifting and spa like scent. Devine!
I had already uploaded a Valentines Haul - As I am a tad to eager to haul things when they bring something new out but I loved having a nosey around the store once it had closed to have a really good look at everything.
This pastel beaut smells like lavender and is amazing and winding down after a chaotic day.
New - Lonely Heart, This one will win over any lonely heart turing your bath water a gorgeous red colour with gold flecks of glitter and a beautiful sultry scent surrounds the bathtub.
New - Cupids Soap, I love the fruity scent of this amazing soap. It is a great perky pick me up,I have got through one 100g of this stuff already - it is a fruitier version of Prince Charming I'd say.
In my haul you will have read that I didn't pick up the flying fox scented bath bomb floating flower as it just isn't my cup of tea for this reason I was really happy when Kelsey did a demo of the bath bomb because although I didn't like the smell I loved how it looked!
While a few of the other girls had emotional brilliance readings (keep your eyes peeled as I am going to have one done tomorrow at LUSH Swindon..) I took a seat and chatted to Kelsey & Rosie about Facemasks.
I love me a face mask as much as any other girl but recently they have just been causing my skin havoc so we sat down to chat about what would be best for my current dry,angry,blemish prone skin!
I Ended up looking at three.
Cupcake - This one smells incredible and is great from problem and oily skin.
Cosmetic Warrior - The Garlic and Tea Tree in this bad boy are GREAT for spotty skin alongside all the other great ingredients.
Oatifix - The go to mask if you want beautiful moisturised skin !
 In the end I went for Oatifix!
Even though some of the other masks may have helped combat my spots a tad better,the dryness around my nose was defiantly a lot worse and since me and my other half share face masks this one was great for his skin type too (got to be money savvy guys ha )
I picked up Jason and The Argan Oil (great name huh'?) shampoo bar as these things are honestly amazing,and anything with the scent of Rose Jam is instantly a fave in my book.

Since I spent most of the event having a nosey at everything it didn't take too long before I started picking up bits and pieces - haul coming very soon of course!
Gareth also picked me up the gorgeous Rosie Gift Set for Valentines which I am UBER excited to open...
Some of the bloggers even got a cheeky hand massage..
Which I was kind of gutted I missed out on - maybe next time eh Lush Luton?
As the evening came to a close Rosie made another bath cocktail,and we all starting making a few purchases - of which I ended up buying the most,but hey you have to make the most of an empty lush right? (well that's what I told myself oops...)
 We also got a sneak peak of one lush product which got released today as part of the mothers day range shhhh...
I was really hoping we would get a chance to see it all but I am afraid you will need to wait until next weekend to see a haul of the Mothers Day range ( or check my twitter over this weekend for a sneak peak... @KateJakes_ )
I just want to say a HUGE thank you to the fantastic Lush Luton team for having me and the other bloggers in the store for the evening.
I had a fantastic time as I always do - and learnt a lot more about some of my favourite products.
Honestly if you live in Luton or the surrounding area go say hey - tell them Kate sent you ;)
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.
x o x o

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