Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Emotional Brilliance Reading @ LUSH Swindon.

Hi Guys!
Hope your all okay?
This weekend I fancied popping into Lush Swindon to have a nosey at the Mothers Day Range - And I honestly felt like I was betraying Lush Luton (Sorry guys see you in around 2 weeks ha)
After picking up a few goodies (Haul coming soon)
I got chatting to the Manager Aan-Sofie and she remembered I had wanted to have a emotional brilliance reading so figured I would tell you all a little about it!

The whole point of these 'readings' is backed by Lush's beliefs that a colour can be linked to how we feel.
So on the wheel there is an array of different colours and on the flip side of each is a positive word.

These words have been assigned to a colour when a team at lush were asked what they thought of when they looked at each colour - pretty awesome right?
The lushie (member of lush staff!) will ask you to close your eyes and clear your mind...
And then on a count of three you open your eyes and pick the three colours which catch your eyes first.
The interesting thing about emotional brilliance readings is that they won't necessarily be the same each time as we are always looking for different things all the time (will explain what I mean next)

The order you pick these colours are also relevant so they get laid out in the order you picked them.
The First Colour is supposed to explain a trait you are currently feeling/portraying and mine was Fantasy which is completely accurate as I am a real dreamer and have a very child like excitement about me - especially when in lush!
 (although looking at all my 'words' together they sounded like some kind of thing from 50 shades!)
The second is supposed to be something your currently looking for in your subconscious and my word was Strong which is also very true as I am always looking for more inner strength to battle past my social anxiety and I always feel like I must prove I am not weak..
And the third is supposed to be your talent which will help you achieve and accomplish the second word, which again makes sense as my word was Passionate and I feel exactly that towards my blog and helping others which in turn helps me feel strong to keep going and achieving more.

The whole idea in itself is already absolutely fantastic and I can't wait for the bloggers event in Reading to give it a try again and see what it all works out like.
But to make it even better each word represents one of there makeup pieces in the range which happens to be the same colour as the circles you choose.
Fantasy  is a beautiful gold eyeliner, one that I will defiantly be purchasing at some point I am sure!
Strong is a beautiful coral orange/red lipstick that will be amazing for the summer!
Passionate is a bright magenta lipstick which is an amazing party shade ! 
I really enjoyed the reading and thought it was a really fun way at finding make up shades you will love all via the subconscious of your mind - aren't our brains amazing?

So much so even Gareth had a reading, which I was giggling away at,
for any of you interested his words were In Charge, Control and Independence - all VERY accurate.
Why not have a reading next time you pop into your local lush instead of thinking 'Ooh whats that spinning circle thing for?..'
All the emotional brilliance products are priced at £14.50 which is amazing as they are super pigmented and you could totally use them as multi use products.
Will you be giving this a go soon?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon
x o x o

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