Sunday, 22 February 2015

Squidge & Smudge..

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
Any of you who follow me over on Twitter - @KateJakes__ or My Talking Transplants Facebook Page you will already know that we now own two puppies!
They are two cocker spaniel puppies,
We got them we they were ten weeks old (so 12 weeks now).
When we went to see them we instantly fell in love with them  - and there mom I may add as she had this amazing quiff thing going on so here's to hoping we have fluffy cocker spaniels when the are older!
This is Smudge.
He currently is the pup wearing a black collar, but what really tells him apart from his brother is his one black ear and one black and white ear!
Smudge is the most adventurous out of the two and is into EVERYTHING  - Including my new cameras flash... Naughty Pup!
He is the smaller of the two puppies though, but he sure rules the roost out of the two.
And then we have Squidge - Wearing the Red Collar.
The more reserved pup of the two, but very chunky and loves his food (I think he may be me in dog form ha)
He loves to have his ears rubbed and act all innocent, but we are learning it is him that is showing smudge naughty things to do then runs before he gets caught.
So he puts those cute puppy dog eyes to use every day!
They are brothers as we really wanted them from the same litter if we were going to have two pups at once.
They are the sweetest little things - when sleeping of course!
The spaniel in them makes them rather excitable when they are awake ha.
They love to play together, and they are real little pups playing fetch with sticks in the garden, but that said they are both a tad in love with a toy pheasant and duck, living in the Cotswold's where these are both around may be interesting when they are a bit bigger oops..
At the minute they are just playing in the house and garden as they haven't had there jabs so they can't be walked just yet, but goes without saying I am pretty excited to get them out on leads and walking around the picturesque village we live in.
They have settled in amazingly well.
The first night they were here they got all bathed and cuddled with us (third photo is Squidge post bath, how cute?) which we were shocked by as usually it takes a while for puppy's to really bond with you.
Since then though I can't take a bath in peace they always jump up and have a nosey, not ideal when they have super long ears that DO get in the bath, little monkeys!

Crazy Spaniel Face!
The faces they pull are hilarious, I remember my best friends springer spaniel making this face all the time when we were younger and always makes me giggle.

 Aren't they just the sweetest?
I can't wait to start sharing more photos with you all  but for now you can follow an instagram account I have made especially for the pups - who doesn't like cute puppy photos?
The instagram is  squidge_smudge if you fancy having a nosey..
I will also have a vlog going up soon over on my youtube channel from the day we picked them up.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.
Kate (Smudge & Squidge..)
x o x o


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    1. hehe thanks erin! They are cheeky little monkeys that's for sure!

      Kate x