Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Because a Pet's for life not just Christmas..

Hey Guy's
Hope your all okay?
So with Christmas closing in (A week today - Eek.) I'm already seeing the endless Facebook post's of new puppies & kittens - and it worries me.

Around Christmas we all get so excited for the presents we will get that year,and I know many girls who will be wanting a 'Cute Kitten' Or 'Cuddly Puppy' for Christmas,and in all honestly I've been there myself.
Now it worries me because just as soon as these people are getting animals just as quick they are posting on Facebook "Looking for a home for my Dog/Cat,can no longer look after
Which is often known as,my pet is no longer a cute little baby anymore and its eating everything and costing me money!

The Bigger issue is that sometimes these animals don't get re-homed,instead there abandoned by people who no longer can care for the animal generally because they didn't think properly about the decision of getting a pet and the responsibility it in tails.

Of course this isn't always the case,and lots of animal around this season will go to loving family homes and get the care they need.
But I just want to remind every one,don't be fooled that that cute little kitten isn't going to climb up your Christmas tree..
As my little sisters cat jack as a kitten does here...

& That they won't roll around in your wrapping paper..
(Granted with some assistance here...)

But if you give them all the love & care they need you will have a friend for life.

I got my Mainecoon Nala,two years ago as a companion when I left hospital.
And she has give me nothing but happiness,so I thought I'd share with you some pictures to show you that all the toilet training,mess they make,scratching of furniture,vets costs,stumbling over there toys 
(yes Nala is like a child..)
They are worth it all - so please this Christmas if your getting a pet,be sure it's for life,not just Christmas :)


Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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