Monday, 16 December 2013

The Christmas Tag

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
So today I am going to do the Christmas tag as I haven't done one in a while.
These questions are the ones from Pointless Blogs youtube video,just changed a little since this isn't a vlog / video.
So here we go...

1). Use one word to describe how excited you are for Christmas.

2). Whats the best present you've ever been given and why?

Been put on the transplant list for the third time,and of course this is because it saved my life. A Christmas present I will never ever be able to thank my donors enough for. <3

3). Whats the worst present you've ever given and why?

Ummm. I really don't know I like to put a lot of thought into my presents for people so I would like to hope I've never given a bad pressie to someone he he.

4).Your favorite Christmas song.

Ahh this is so hard but I think it could be 'Last Christmas by Wham!' but I do love Michael Buble's Christmas album especially his version of 'Holly Jolly Christmas' & 'Santa Baby' ahh too hard to choose!

5). Whats your favorite Christmas film?

The Grinch!
By far,and I haven't watched it yet so that is so happening on Christmas eve.

6). Show how good you are at wrapping a present.

I'm terrible at it!
The first few look lovely then I run out of patience.
Yeah people always comment on my wrapping...Not in a good way haha.
Gift Bags are the way forward for me!

7). If you could rename one of father Christmas reindeer, what would you name it?

Twinkle Toes - Seems Appropriate? he he.
And I can imagine it having glitzy hooves too,N'yawwh.

8). Whats your favorite thing about Christmas?

The food,How Everyone comes together,the smells,the lights,the jumpers.
Christmas is by far my favorite holiday and it's not even about receiving presents for me having a little sister now Christmas is so much more magical seeing her little face light up on Christmas day.
It's a beautiful time of year.

So that was my Christmas tag,why don't you all have a go?
After all I love reading through all the festive posts at the minute!

Speak Soon & Stay Safe

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