Friday, 13 December 2013

Festive Fingernails..

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay ?
So today I will be sharing with you some of my favorite festive nail polishes!
I'm afraid I won't be swatching these just as I have cut my nails back down sooo wasn't much point.
Although I have chosen colors that are all true to shade in the bottle.
So here you are..

Models Own - Snowflakes £5
(And they currently have a buy 5 and save £5 offer on)

This varnish is a white color with iridescent chunky glitter in it.
Models own suggest you use it as a tip for a manicure but I think this gorgeous as an accent nail if you build it up to make it oppaque.
The only think I would say is a downside to this polish is it has a very thick consistency - something I have found with a lot of Model's own glitter polishes
(Please comment below and let me know if you find this too and if you have any tips to thin it out? as they really are gorgeous just hard to apply!)

(Barry M are offering 10 % at checkout if you use code TINSEL10)

Ive seen a lot of people using this product and its been very much love or hate I've seen.
I like that this textured effect nail paint has little pieces of gold iridescent glitter in it which I think looks a lot nicer then the plain textured ones.
The best way to explain this is it looks like sand paper when try - not the nicest sounding nail varnish but it does look gorgeous.
I like to wear this as an accent nail with matte white nails,but it is a gorgeous varnish!
Give it a try!

I adore this varnish!
It is absolutely gorgeous.
It is very understated & natural,which is something totally different to the kind of nail colors I usually go for as lighter colors tend to wash my skin out but this is beautiful.
It really is a true pearl shade with a slight hint of iridescence to it.
I also really like that its a gel formulation so is really long lasting and always looks immaculate on the nails.

(Barry M are offering 10 % at checkout if you use code TINSEL10)

This varnish is perfect for girls who like sparkle (and if you haven't already guessed I am one of them...).
This varnish has both fine and thicker particles of glitter in so creates a gorgeous effect and can easily be build into and opaque shade with about 3 coats? (or round about).
Personally I wouldn't use this as a topcoat as it has a much more opaque and thicker consistency then most glitter varnishes.
Good work Barry M!

This varnish was brought as part of a christmas gift for me last year and I have loved it since.
This includes medium sized glitter and is a lovely top coat over a red varnish on and accent finger or you can use two coats of this and it creates a beautiful festive effect!
This nail varnish really does remind me of Christmas,gorgeous.

 Barry M - Red Shimmer £2.99

I can't find an exact name for this but it's beautiful!
I got this in a clothes show goody bag and fell in love with it straight away.
The above picture does not show you but this is a iridescent (most used word on this blog post i think gosh!) shimmer effect which is very subtle but makes this red even more festive!
Any way which color is more festive then red!

Hope you all like the varnishes featured.
Have you got any colors I should check out before Christmas Day? :)
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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