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Clothes Show Live 2013.

Hi Guy's!
Hope your all okay?
So today I though I'd share with you all what I got from the clothes show this year.

The clothes show is held every year in Birmingham at the NEC.
This year was the clothes show 25th year of doing the show so was promised it would be an amazing show - they didn't lie there.
This year the 45 Minute show's theme was 'Weekend in the Country' and was hosted by Henry Holland & Becca Dudley.

It showcased some beautiful outfits all of which I would have happily taken home with me. But for me the part that stole my attention was defiantly the more Gothic part of the show - gorgeous velvet's and patterns.
Also in the party wear (which I must applaud the great new years theme - go clothes show!) there was the most stunning gold sequin gown,which I know for a fact if any of you were lucky enough to go I know you'll know what dress it was as it literally blinded the audience as it was so sparkly - the model totally owned it though ha ha.

Not only did they have some great outfits the clothes show didn't disappoint with there promise for great entertainment.
I went on the Sunday which was when the gorgeous boys from Union J graced the stage but through the week people like Stooshie & Kingsland road also preformed.

In the actual hall's away from the catwalk it was just as exciting.
I haven't been for a few years so was nice to see how clothes show have really took advantage of social media and even had an area dedicated to it (Social Media Village) here they had Clothes Show TV Live,Photo Booths and even a bloggers bar where the blogging VIP's could post all the latest news straight from - defiantly some where I hope I can access in a few years!

Spread around the halls there was lots of opportunities to meet celeb's - none of which I took. But saying that we did see Peter Andre scurry past us with his mass of body guards,which was pretty hilarious seeing the 50 or so screaming girls! 

But the part me & the girls were most excited about,
the offers.
It's needless to say that the majority of people who will go to the clothes show are mostly interested in the 'Goody Bags' that companies are offering for such a low price.
These bags contain a set amount of products with a high street value but at hugeeee discounts.

So here's what I picked up while I was there..

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One of the most popular bags that I saw near enough every girl there walking round with was Barry M.
Now don't quote me but I'm sure the woman said the value of this was around £60 and we got it for £10.
I love the quality of there nail varnishes,and was really happy to see the ones that were in there - I'm especially excited to try Shade 346 which is a iridescent looking Fuchsia Pink,something I wouldn't usually try.

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Then I went to Bomb Cosmetics and picked up two of there candles.
They had a special on 1 for £7 or 2 for £10.
Me being a candle junkie took them up on there offer.
I choose Lavender Musk & Autumn Fruit Fairy,they both smell gorgeous,but I think my favorite is the Lavender,super relaxing.
Although I am really eager to try there Candy Cane one (Santa be nice??)

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Macaroons & Lip Balm = Heaven.
Yeah so my friend saw this and called me back to look and it and instantly knew I 'needed' it in my already extensive collection of lip balms,but look its adorable I couldn't leave it there!
This was from Joy Dora which is a Korean cosmetic company and I got this for £5 - as me and my friend opted for the 2 items for £10.
Go and have a look at their site though as there stuffs so adorable.
And it smells like pineapple - perfect to reminisce about the summer in this cold weather.

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And While on the subject of Lip Balms I picked up this Miss Patisserie peppermint one.
I actually had already planned to get this before I had got to the clothes show as I had seen it posted somewhere before.
There products were so cute and all handmade and 100% natural!
The packaging all had pugs and french bulldogs on,two things I'm slightly obsessed with right now. This was a steal at £3 as its a really deep tin and is super nourishing on the lips. But I didn't realize until I've just read about it that you can use it on dry skin & your cuticles.

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Jelly Pong Pong is a company I had found I really liked through glossy box was really happy to read in my clothes show fashion guide they had a stall.
And was even happier when I got to the stall and they had this offer 
"Two Bags for £5" So that'd four products for £5 - bargain.
The set I received is £15 online.
I have there lip blush in red so was happy to see this one in pink,a color I don't usually wear but eager to see how I can make it work.
One thing I really do have to say I don't like is the eyebrow powder in the palette as its shimmery,and who wants shimmery eye brows? 
But apart from that - fab! 

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Ciate was also on my list of stalls to visit.
I have never tried any of there polishes but lately everyone's been raving about them so thought I'd go have a look.
When we approached the stand it was hectic.
Absolutely loads of girls where buying the £10 Goody bags which had a £75 value.

In each goody bag there was 2 manicure kits and 6 mini mani's.
The thing was you didn't know what would be in your's it was literally a big risk but for £10 couldn't grumble.
And I got all the good ones! I got a gorgeous wintery white caviar manicure set and a red rhinestone pedicure kit as well as all my minis been pastel colors so I'm beyond excited to try all these out.
(Will review them at some point this December!)

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& Then I won this!
Beyond happy as I have been after a new tumbler for absolutely agesssss and this one is huge and is extremely hipster and cool by the fact its Starbucks haha.

So that's the majority of the stuff I got on Sunday (aside from a few things I haven't taken photos of) and a few items will be put up tomorrow as I have done a bronze autumnal look with a lot of the products to be uploaded tomorrow so be sure to come back and take a look!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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