Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Gah Why do I always do this?

Hi Guys!
So I'm super sorry for such a late posting after ages yet again.
I had been up in Birmingham for a while so now I'm back I have finally got my laptop back so can get back to posting.

The last few weeks have been hectic.
I have had my birthday & just got back from the clothes show a few days ago,
sooo that means a lot of new products to review for you lovelies!

I was hoping to do something along the lines of 'blogmas' so a post every day during December,so I will try to do that but if not I will defiantly do one every other day.

Today I've decided I would share some photo's of things I got for my birthday and things I got up to - everyone loves looking at these kind of 'haul' posts anyway don't they?

My Gorgeous Cake from my Auntie - Who has a FB Page if you are interested in her cakes as she is fab! 
I love lady & the tramp so this was perfect!

Then was my beautiful hugo boss watch from my mom & her partner.
It is stunning and I love it.
I have tiny wrists so a lot of watches just over whelm them and look ridiculous so for about two years now I've been looking for a watch that would be the right size for me but still have a glitzy element to it.
This is just what I imagined my perfect watch to be - black glitzy and classic.
It looks amazing dressed up and down with every outfit I wear!

They also brought me one of fave perfumes in a night time fragrance which I have never tried before - it is so heavenly.
Perfect evening scent,its not to heavy and musky but still has that 'sexy' kind of smell to it.
Defiantly have a sniff of it if you get a chance!

My other half just out did himself.
With the gifts he got me it was evident he really knows me & my style well.
Tartan,Real Techniques... & Doc Martens!
I have been after Doc's since last year as I really wanted a good pair of boots that lasted and actually kept my feet warm.
So Gareth spoilt me with this gorgeous black leather pair (The Serena Boot) they have black fur inside right down to the ankle so are so comfy and toasty,perfect for this weather.
He got me these cute ribbons to replace the normal laces on days I wanted to make them look abit more feminine but if I'm honest they were a bit to 'in your face' so we swapped them back over and these go with everything!
Skater Skirts,Jeans,Dresses... Everything.
Since I got them (16th November) these are literally the only footwear I have worn.

These two gifts are very sentimental,these were from my Uncle and his Fiance.
The book is full of images from when I was younger - some highly amusing ones,and pictures of me with family and it made me sob like a big baby when they gave it me oops haha.
And then this awesome top! 
Those who know me well will know I'm kind of / always have been a fan girl so this one just cracked me up. I have always loved busted and have always listened to them (even after they split) my family didn't know I had tickets to go see 'McBusted' which made this top even more special as it shows they remember everything about me hehe.

I also got this perfume which I adore.
I got a sample of this months ago from a glossy box so after trying it have always been after it but since I haven't had a chance.
So was super happy to have received this from my aunties and uncles.
I loved that this set included a little travel size 10ml perfume bottle (how cute is the little bow?) which hasn't left my handbag on days I have worn this.

The Ring here is something I treated myself too just before my birthday as a little gift to myself.
The RRP Was over £60 and I got this for £8 so had to grab me this steal.
It is so sparkly and is a gorgeous piece of jewelry but it's a piece for special occasions! Can't wait to wear it again at new years.
But the necklace was from my Dad, I absolutely love this necklace.
I funnily enough had told Gareth that I was on the hunt for a sparkly but dainty necklace that I could wear to match the rest of my jewlery so when I got this I was super happy.
It looks stunning with a dressed up or down outfit and pairs beautifully with my watch and ring (including a promise ring my boyfriend brought for me a while ago which is black and white diamond)

I was also lucky enough to recieve two YSL lipsticks.
Both of which were gifts I had asked for.
They are so pretty to look at and are beyond gorgeous to wear.
The two shades I received were - Rose in Tension & Prune in Fire (what interesting names?)
Can't wait for the next few makeup looks I upload for you to see me wearing these as they are seriously so pretty.

I was super lucky this year and received some amazing gifts (alot that aren't included here because my camera is being super silly!!) so just want to say a huge  THANK YOU to everyone who made it special for me!

Here are just a few photos I took over the week when we were in Birmingham.

Sorry this is such a brief post but from tomorrow there will be plenty more posts to come...
From decorations,gifts,days out and food!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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