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My Favorite AW cheek products.

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So today I am going to be writing about my favorite cheek products for AW13.
I have only started wearing different cheek products over the last about 5 months,simply because I don't feel like blusher always is that obvious so is easy to miss off your routine.
But after trying different products out I thought I'd share with you the best finds I have got...

I got this amazing product when I went to clothes show live a few weeks ago,for a steal at £5 for 4 products.
Now,After researching its retail price I was debating whether I should include this as it is rather pricey for a cheek product but it honestly is gorgeous and I will happily buy this again full price when mine runs out.
This is a gel blush and has a balm like texture which is beautiful to apply to the cheeks,it gives a gorgeous natural blush to the cheeks and is so long lasting (not noticed how long for to comment on the 8 hour stay)
What I love is this is water resistant so will be perfect for the party season around Christmas and will be a god send in summer also fab for those of you who have oily skin!

This is a fab little blush to have in your makeup bag.
They are super pigmented and are smudge resistant - another necessity for party season.
This blush is very pink so you only need a little bit but can really blend it out for a natural finish. Personally I do think this would suit someone with a bit more of a darker complexion then my snow white skin as it would look a lot more natural.
This is stunning though and feels so smooth on the skin!
A win for under £5!

This was another product from a £5 bag at clothes show live.
I love jelly pong pong lip products so was excited to try out there face products too.
This bronzer is perfect to use as a contour as it has no shimmer!
As I am so pale I don't try out bronzer very often as I panic that I will end up looking like I've had a dodgy spray tan but this product used on cheekbones just wakes my skin up and brightens it up when it looks a bit gloomy.
The blusher in this duo is also gorgeous,a deep dark pink which looks so natural on the cheeks - Love it!
Jelly Pong Pong also say that this even's out redness (which I can't say I have noticed) but if it does this is a super product for New Years eve! 
Bronzer/Contour & Blush? Perfect !

This product is a mini size of the full product which I won in a blog giveaway back in October.
I've never tried any Benefit powder products so was intrigued to try this out.
As the name suggests this powder is a beautiful coral shade with a slight shimmer to it. You would apply this in the same as a contour really,work it into your hairline / temple as well as your cheekbones.
It suits all skin tones and is another product I use if my skins looking gloomy underneath another blush  (applied very lightly of course).
A gorgeous product in AW as well as summer months!

Dainty Doll - Powder Blusher in You are My Sunshine & My Girl.
(Unable to find for purchase)

Dainty Doll products are fantastic generally but are super for us fair girls.
I love these two blushes and have worn them to death to be honest.
The blush on the Left My Girl is a girly rosy pink shade and is lovely to wear if your going for a natural makeup day (mascara,flawless skin,lipgloss - ta'dah)
And the blush on the right You are My Sunshine,is a lilac pink blush and is very very subtle but looks gorgeous when you focus more on your eye makeup.
The only downside to these blushers are the amount of shimmer they give off,you are my sunshine could easily pass as a highlight so you really do only need a tiny bit of product on the brush when wearing these.

I have only started contouring and highlighting properly since October,I honestly didn't think a proper contour kit would make much different to my makeup look - boy was I wrong!
If your going to get any of these products I would highly suggest in buying this one - trio's are always a winner.
I have always loved sleek so was super happy to use this. 
It comes with a contour powder,Highlight And Rose Gold blush (which alone is £4.99). My kit is in shade Fair but each shade has different products in / shades of product.
The contour is absolutely lovely so pigmented,easy to blend and long lasting!
I love this highlight,so sparkly and catches the light beautifully.
Then there is the beautiful autumnal blush, It is a beautiful shade of rose gold but as the name suggests has some glitter too it and for that reason I think with the highlight in this palette is over kill so I wear this blush when I'm wearing a less sparkly highlight!
This is a amazing product and is a must have in any make up bag.

Hope you all enjoyed that post!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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