Thursday, 12 December 2013

Festive Decorating of Small Spaces...

Hi Guys 
Hope your all okay?
So today I thought I would upload a blog post featuring some of the things me and my boyfriend have brought to make our flat a bit more festive.
We moved into our flat in August and this is our first Christmas that we are spending together (with our family's too),so we wanted to really make the most of it as I love Christmas and love the excitement around it.

The only problem is,our flat is somewhat... Tiny?
So we have been pretty limited to what we could do SO I figured I'd share with you all things we did for those of you struggling on how to decorate a small space,office of bedroom for Christmas - after all no one should miss out! 


A simple way to add some festivity to a small space is to fill some jars with Pot Pourri.
These Jars were actually from last Christmas and were filled with sweets before but now I use them to pop a tea light in and put them on the kitchen window sill (another fab idea!).
  But this time to make the kitchen look a tad more festive I added this Strawberry & Pomegranate Pot Pourri (£2.50 from Morrisons) into it and then wrapped a little red ribbon around the top to finish it off.
A Cheap,Easy but lovely looking decoration.

(haha looking back at the photo's I Just realized the mini marshmallows,you'll realize why there in a second...) 

I picked up these gorgeous Scandi Style tea towels for a steal at £3.50 to use as a runner on our breakfast bar and coffee table.
And all there festive tableware was on 3 for 2 so I couldn't leave behind these cute heart plates which where £4. I knew as soon as I saw these I wanted to put something cute to display / serve on them so with this one I brought a bunch of candy canes and scattered them across the plate and the other plate I plan on using to serve mince pies and other Christmas goodies if we have visitors :)

(How cute is our Kate & Gareth Gingerbread card from my little sister?)


I have always wanted to make a Gingerbread house,and my friend made one last year and it just made me determined to have on this year! 
We got our kit from morrisons which seems to be the cheapest place to buy them from for £5.
But since there wasn't much in there to decorate with we also picked up some mini marshmallows,sprinkle snow,little snowflakes and sugar pearls (all of which are left can be used on hot chocolates - look below! )
And then some cute gingerbread trees & gingerbread men to finish off our little scene which we haven't made yet - But I will post photos once we have!

Year round we use a lot of candles around the place,but around christmas there always candles burning day and night.
Our kitchen is connected right too our living room so I like to keep things smelling fresh so after cooking will spray febreze or oust.
So you can imagine my excitement when I found this Special Edition Febreze in the scent Apple & Spice and was only £2 in Morrisons (I think!).

Then we move over to the living room and our bay window.
Now every year I've had a Christmas tree and was really sad we couldn't fit one in this tiny space.. But Gareth was not getting away with 
"Kate we can't have a tree this year..." 
so when we did our food shopping I saw this adorable little potted tree.
It came in three different color pots Red,Green or White (I mistakenly picked up green instead of red - boo ) and they all come with baubles lights and a little star on the top.
A steal at just £10!
Heres a even cheaper and similar one for £5 !
Proving any size room CAN have a Christmas tree!

Ho Ho Ho Decorations £3.50.

 Continuing with the gingerbread theme I got these decorations from Melbicks which is a garden center in Birmingham that I LOVE to visit around Christmas.
Each of these was £1.50 each! 

A adorable me to you bear Gareth got me last Christmas which I totally forgot about! But I love reindeer's so of course this has to go on display!


How cute is this snowman?
Gareth picked this up at Birmingham's german market and it was £12 I believe?
Its a cute little tea light holder and just makes the coffee table look festive too! 

Underneath is the other tea towel from the tescos set,and the glittery coasters were also from tesco at £3 just another little touch to finish it off really,of course you don't need these but since its our coffee table we needed some!

Our cat nala seems to approve of it !
(Don't worry it did not have a candle in here.)
On the topic of nala,I spoil this madam beyond belief and Gareth always laughs at how I justify it - for example I brought her a Cat stocking full of treats and toys the other day like she hasn't already got loads but didn't want to leave her out of the Christmas spirit so...

I thought this heart Gingerbread plaque looked adorable above her food & water bowls so personalized it so each Christmas this can go above her bowl / bed.

This was £5 again from melbicks..
Now I just had to share these pictures with you as I think they are super Christmasy and remind me off candy canes - especially my fluffy socks and polar bear onesie!

I hope you all liked this post and can take some idea's away from it if your struggling to decorate a small space!
Let me know how you get on or if you have any ideas yourselves!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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