Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A Day in Pictures - Stratford upon Avon.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well.
You all seemed to love when I shared photo's from my walks out,
so I figured I would share these from when I spent a few hours in stratford.
I have always enjoyed going to stratford since I was smaller,and It's defintly a cracking day out when it's nice and sunny - the amount of people out showed this sunday !

A great day out at stratford is actually the butterfly farm,
where I love to go - infact one of the last pictures of me before transplant and in good health was there!
The butterfly farm contains loads of gorgeous plants too so worth a visit if you don't just want to take photo's in your garden like these.

After a morning of it being pretty over cast it then turned gorgeous!
Blue skies and pretty warm too!

How secret garden'esque is this gate?

This lampost reminded me so much of Narnia! haha.

How cute?

And of course this boat called out to my disney loving side of me too!

This weekend the river was covered in couples taking out boats - pretty sweet!

This sunday there was a little market on which I got a bracelet for the wedding from - there were so many stalls from food to leather bracelets!

Armed forces day up at the Town Hall.

A trip to stratford is not complete without visiting one of the many old fashioned sweet shops - I'm gutted I didn't take a photo of all the jars of sweets.
When I visit them I steal feel the uncertainty as my 5 year old self would have had trying to choose!

Those of you who have been to stratford will also know there is a year round christmas shop - which ofcourse loving christmas,I think its incredible haha!

& Possibly the cutest shop in the whole of stratford.
After all who doesn't like peter rabbit?

The creaky cauldron is one of the coolest places in stratford.
Selling Harry Potter type gifts but upstairs on evenings they do ghost hunts - something my mom used to do alot when she used to card readings and such.
I always feel on edge here haha.

Got to love these kind of unplanned trips out!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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