Saturday, 19 July 2014

Goodbye Miss Trevener...

So today is the 19th July 2014 - And I'm Getting Married!
Yep at 1.15PM today I am getting married to my gorgeous fiance so I figured I would write a post ahead of today to share with you all.
I just want to say a huge thankyou to everyone who has helped us make this day acheivable and kept us calm when we have needed it - and trust me with just over three months to plan a wedding we have needed it!
We are so happy to have all our loved ones wether it be family or friends together,to celebrate this amazing milestone in our lives together.
If you had asked me last year if I'd be sat at my mom's house getting ready to get married I would have laughed at you.
As a couple we have come a very long way and grown together,and couldn't be prouder of who we have become as a couple.
And I am going to be so proud to be Gareth's Wife and a part of his Family and him part of Mine.
Sadly a few people we always invisaged would be at our wedding will not be there with us celebrating,and that's so sad but we know that all the people who love and care for us will be there sharing our first day off married life together and those who aren't attending will be sorely missed.
Then there are people who sadly never would be able to attend because they are no longer with us.
Through out the day we will be remembering our Grandparents & Friends that are watching the day from over us,knowing they would have been so proud.
Thankyou to the readers of my blog who have sent us well wishes and lots of help and suggestions with wedding plans - I can't thank you all enough...
Well as I press "Publish" on this post I am sure I am running round like a headless chicken getting my hair and makeup done..
I will soon be back to share images from the day with you..
So for the last time,
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.
Kate Trevener

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