Tuesday, 8 July 2014

NTW - "Me & My Children are Organ Donors"

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Yesterday I uploaded a interview with Stacie - Who is waiting for a heart & double lung transplant which you can read here.
But today I Will be uploading an interview with one of my family members.

Being my cousin's girlfriend and my god daughters mom,at the time of my illness she was there for it all.
I was very interested to discover not only is she a donor - but so are her children.

What made you become a donor?


I have always thought i wanted to be a donor like I've always given blood and i think once i pass i don't need my organs and someone else could, also i would always accept an organ if i needed one so would feel selfish for not giving up mine if someone needed one.
What made you decide to put your children on the organ donor register?
This was a tough one as its hard to think about your children passing before you and i did think i really wouldn't want them to be cut open if they did but i then thought if i was in that situation id do anything to receive a donor for them so if anything positive could come from a terrible situation then it would be worth it.
Do you think if you or your child ever got sick and needed a transplant and they received one,You should be willing to donate your/their organs if they were needed for another person/child?
Yes i defiantly agree if your willing to receive you should be willing to give the gift of life back to someone else by donating.
Have you ever had second thoughts about being a donor ?
Personally i have never had a second thought from seeing how it has changed your life and we're so lucky to still have you and seeing how far you've come its an easy answer for me.
What about for your children?
My children i do sometimes think about then i just think how id feel put in the situation of a parent waiting for a donor for their child and my mind is made up.
What would it mean to you if you could save someones life through the gift of transplant?
It would mean the world to me i may not be a hero whilst I'm here but to save someones life and be a hero once i passed that's a pretty amazing feeling.
I know that being a donor can be controversial enough but people can get very vocal about their opinions about children been donors.
What do you think?
Would you allow your children to be donors?
Just like yesterday anyone who wants to get involved please contact me at :
Hope you all enjoyed today's interview!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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