Monday, 7 July 2014

NTW - "I'm Waiting for a Transplant"

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well? 
This week is the beginning of National Transplant Week.
On my blog I speak to alot of you about my experiences of transplant but I wanted to do something slightly different this year.
I have decided that every day this National Transplant Week I will upload a different persons story and there experience with Transplant.
Wether they are a transplant patient themselves,waiting for a transplant,are a donor,have lost someone who become a donor or lost someone because they didnt get a transplant in time.
I will speaking to them here.
Today I will be sharing a interview I did with Stacie Pridden.
I 'met' Stacie through her wonderful blog - Life is worth the fight
Stacie has also been shortlisted for a cosmo blogger award so go vote.
So heres stacies story...
What transplant do you need?
So I need a Heart and Double Lung Transplant
How long have you been waiting on the transplant list?
As of today I have been waiting 2 years 2 and Half months or 808 days lol 

Would you be willing to donate an organ if you could since you are happy to accept an organ?
 I am more than willing to donate more organs should anything happen to me. I personally don't believe that should be allowed to receive an organ if you aren't willing to donate. Also I know that a few of my organs will go to research should I die or if I actually do get my transplant because quite a few of my organs can't be used due to the medication I take but it can be useful to fine out more about my condition so I would still be giving back in a way. I also have a massive phobia about not actually being dead and being buried alive so if they took out my organs at least I would definitely be dead lol. 

What is it like being on the Transplant List?
It is very difficult being on the transplant list I think it's especially difficult at the beginning because you jump at ever sound your phone makes or if your anything like me I just stared at my phone while I was going to sleep willing it to ring. I think you kind of get used to it though after a while and you're kind of lulled into a false sense of security but then for people like me I've had a few false alarms now and after each one it's kind of like starting over again jumping at every phone call, it constantly being on your mind. The there's people like me who have had to wait a very long time I've kind of stopped believing it's going to happen just so I won't be massively disappointed if it doesn't happen. It's a balancing act trying to keep yourself sane while you wait :)

What one thing would you say to any one who is thinking of becoming a donor?
I think I would say there is no greater gift you can give someone. Out of something tragic and awful, something amazing can happen. People try their whole lives to make their life mean something, by simply signing up you can do something Tremendous! 

Have you got one peice of advice for other people waiting on the transplant list right now?
Umm  I think for anyone waiting I would say talk to people don't bottle it up because that is not good for your health and can actually make it worse people want to help and want to listen so let them. And keep yourself busy not so you're physically exhausting yourself but keeping active will keep your mind busy and might even make you feel a bit better :) 
I hope that you all enjoyed this little interview with Stacie,
be sure to go check out her blog to keep up with her journey - send her lots of hugs and well wishes too :)
If you would like to be on my blog to help raise awareness feel free to email me at
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.


  1. wishing you all the best for the future Stacie! (& Kate haha) xx

    1. I know I hope she gets her call soon!xx

    2. Aww thanks Lauren and kate :D xoxo

    3. Thanks for doing this hun!
      Hopefully we can get more people involved - got to love this community :) xxx