Wednesday, 9 July 2014

NTW - "I'm A Transplant Patient & I was already A Donor!"

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So yesterday I uploaded a interview with Abbie,
who is on the donor register - and so are her girls.

Which you can read here.
And today I am sharing a interview with my transplant friend Alexandra.
I met alexandra during my third transplant as she was in the bed opposite me recovering from hers while I was waiting for mine!
So here is my interview with the lovely Alex.
What transplant have you had?
I had a liver transplant.
What did you need a transplant for?
I needed it because I have a rare type of reoccurring liver disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. It's when your body attacks your liver. The bile ducts start to close up and bile gets stuck in them this causes pools of infection. The trapped bile starts to eat away at the liver and cause scarring/fibrosis.
What where your first thoughts when you was told you needed a transplant?
I was completely shocked I only got diagnosed with PSC a few months before and had been told It would be years before I would need a transplant.
Where you ever a donor,or ever wanted to be a donor?
Yes I was already a donor as my dad was. He was killed in a car accident when I was 15 and after this I decided to sign up.
Do you think if you are happy to recieve an organ you should be willing to donate one?
I do agree that if you are willing to receive then you should be willing to give. I think it's a very fair way of looking at organ donation. I do believe there may be exception to the rule.
Since transplant what is your biggest achievement or that one moment that you never thought you would reach without the gift of a donor organ?
I think about my donor everyday and his family, especially when I'm doing something that I feel very thankful for. For example when I got married earlier this year he was the reason I was able to do that and I will never forget that.
So this just shows,
That being a donor?
You don't always know you will need one yourself - which happened to me too.
I hope your all enjoying these posts !
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