Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Fashion Im Loving This Summer - Patterns

Hey Guys
Hope your all well?
I'm not usually one for pattern,
yet this summer most my outfits tend to have at least one piece of pattern in them!
Whether it be a patterned piece with a block colour skirt or jeans,
or a vibrant dress in one pattern!
Yay for raised body confidence!
So I figured I would share a few images with you all of some of my favourite 'patterned' pieces with how I wear them..
Firstly ones of my favourites is this gorgeous pastel coloured playsuit from primark.
Since I am not one to get my pins out (unless its in a dress or skirt) i tuck this into a pair of blue jeans or a skirt haha.
Its a very flattering deep v neckline - flattering even on those of you with a small bust like me!
Another favourite is my black floral ramones top -
which I also have in Purple,somewhere!
I love how edgy yet feminine this can look.
I pair it with a flower hi lo skirt or skater skirt with the studded belt to give it a girly edge.
This next one is a purchase by.. hold on to your hats.
My Fiance.
While browsing in newlook he surprised me with this one.
The fuschia colour is super flattering and gives my pale skin a subtle pop!
I also love that it is paired with a dark purple too,instead of a black for a slightly girlier look!
Beautiful dress which is also available in blue and green (got my eyes on the blue!)

Another Primark Bargain!
I love this daisy duck crop top,
I got this sized up so it had a slightly baggier fit,this looks gorgeous simply styled with jeans and white vans!

While going through my images I attached this one..
But its my Fiances top!
Showing patterns great for both men & women haha.

I brought this top - again from primark (a shop i never used to shop in!!)
because Gareth is obsessed with marvel so thought he would like it too - ironically from the mens section!
I love this paired with my red skater skirt to complement the red within the top a simple black belt and my studded black converse style high tops.

But one of my all time faves?
This aztec open back skater dress I got from asda close on 3 years ago now!
It is a super flattering fit and pulls in right at the waist.
This is a dress I wear all seasons as it is so simple to style!
Overall I have now realised I have alot more patterns in my wardrobe the I first thought ha ha!
What one pattern have you been loving this summer?
Or are you more of a block colour person?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.


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