Thursday, 8 May 2014

Floral Crowns.. In Short Hair!

Hey Guy's !
Hope your all okay?
Today I figured I would write about something to brighten up yet another gloomy day - where has that gorgeous bank holiday weather gone ?

I have always been a fan of hair accesories but always having a bob or cropped hair your generally left with the choices of headbands..
Not all too exciting!

Thankfully over the last two years there have been a lot more ways to make short hair look a lot more exciting by adding pretty accesories.

This is currently the length and it is desperate for a cut and to have some layers cut back into it but you can see its finally growing out from the awkward cropped growing out stage!
But because it needs a trim I tend to wear it up..
Because of this I wanted something to 'jazz' it up a little.
I found this gorgeous floral crown in newlook for a steal at £5.
I loved the variations of colour on this one so thought it would go with alot of different outfits!

I wore mine with a neon lime crop top (minus the red bra straps pictured here ha ha)
For the McBusted concert I was going to (Review to follow eek!)
I decided to wear some green shades from the garden of eden pallete and tanya burrs exotic island lipgloss!
Im looking at floral crowns for bridesmaids for my wedding so would love if anyone can recomened any sunflower decorated ones!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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