Thursday, 22 May 2014

New look Bridal Shoes & Accesories - Talking Transplants Talks Weddings.

Hey Guy's!
Hope your all okay?
Today I thought with 58 days left until I get married I would share my wedding shoes  and bag with you all (The only things I WILL be sharing with you about my outfit until after the wedding!)

These are the Embellished Shoes from new look which I choose..
They are a bargain at £27.99 as in person they are super sparkly and basically Gorgeous.
I knew that I wanted something with a strap around my ankle to give me the extra support throughout the day,and I have really arched feet so wanted something that would give me support to the bottom of my feet which sandal heels tend to give me!
I thought these will look stunning for a wedding as their is just the right amount of sparkles while still being very classy!
Although I have to say the Bridal selection that New Look is offering at the moment has so much choice for gorgeous wedding shoes - heads up for upcoming brides!
Then last week while having a browse round new look, I spotted this embellished box clutch which is made as a matching item for the shoes and just had to get it at another bargain price of £24.99 !

It is embellished with the same beautiful gems that embellish my heels.
The gems continue around the entire edges of the bag which again which give a understated bit of glitz and still gives of a sense of glamour!

This box clutch also comes with the option of wearing it with the strap which to be honest,I don't think I will as it looks so gorgeous without any distractions.
Plus it will only be there to contain my bridal essentials on the day.
This matching pair just made me fall in love and I can't wait to wear them very soon when I get married!
Be sure to go check out New Looks bridal range for some fab pieces for any style of wedding day!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.


  1. Love them Kate! x

  2. absolutely stunning. you are gonna look amazing on your day! my gift for you is being made atm so once it arrives, I will send it your way! :) xxx