Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Wedding Favours with Boomf*

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
So I'm back with another "Talking Transplants Talks Weddings" .
If you follow my page over on Facebook you will have already known I was going to let you all know about an exciting concept for wedding favours!
I recently found out about a fab company called Boomf.
Boomf turn your instagram photos into...
Yep you read that correctly.
Instagram Photos < Marshmallows.
You simply go over to Boomf.com
where you will then be able to access yours or your friends instagram photo's and then you can choose 9 images to print onto these yummy canvases,
For Just £12 !
So when I discovered this I contacted the great people over at Boomf and they were lovely enough to send me a box* to review for you guys!
(Don't worry - I have a 10% Discount Code for you all at end...)
Your Boomf Marshmallows come in a nice matte white box,
(But I must add they come in a silver parcel bag on delivery!)
which opens up with a flip top to your marshmallows..
Photograph them?
Melt them over a fire?
Add them to a hot chocolate?
However you do it they will make you smile!
On top of your wrapped up marshmallows is a print out of all the photo's you have choosen,so as this was to use for wedding favour purposes I choose pictures of me and gareth!
And here are the delicous little treats!
Each marshmallow is 4cm x 4cm - So there not stingy with sizing which is great if your popping a box of these on each table for your guests..
So the quality of printing?
I honestly did not expect them to turn out this well considering there being printed onto a edible surface!
So just to show you what works best,I choose some black and white filtered photos as well as some coloured ones too.
Black & White
The black and white marshmallows printed excelently !
On the website they advise that you use images that are quite bright and not dark so I was unsure how these would turn out.
I think if your printing Black and White photos ?
Make sure they are nice and Bright and Light!
Anything Dark?
They won't print well.
I was worried that the coloured marshmallows would lack detail but I was so wrong!
These turned out perfect,and looked identical to the printed off images.
Boomf does say though try not to choose photos with large areas of darkness because it will print off lacking detail!
 And then the next important factor is taste!
Do they taste nice?..

This is the box shortly after opening..
The answer is YES!
These marshmallows are so good - by far the best I have had.
They are very moreish though so it would be more then possible to leave these on a table so people could have a couple each!
Boomf Marshmallows are also Gluten Free & Suitable for Vegetarians.
Standard boomf are not halal but if you order a batch of more then 20?
They can prepare a halal batch for you = Boomf is suitable for everyone!

I think these boxes from Boomf would be perfect to use as wedding favours as you could leave them dotted around on the tables - perfect priced at just £12 and Boomf also can provide bulk pricing packages if you email them at eat@boomf.com.
You could even use these as save the dates for intimate family or maybe thankyou gifts for your bridesmaids?
Theres an endless amount of uses for this great gift!
They are accesible worldwide so why not pop a order in with boomf now using this 10% off code : BOOMF-ME-HAPPY
Great for Wedding Favours or Just Simply a Gift!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon
(This post was a sponsored post,but all views and opnions are my own)


  1. Hi! Loved your review but thought you might like to know the marshmallows are NOT suitable for vegetarians. Thanks for the tips on lightiong / B&W ones though!

    1. Thanks for the info. I thought that was the case but the website said otherwise - wil send an email then edit the post! Thanks Again :)

  2. i just read that they are not halal or suitable for vegetarians ....can you confirm this ../